Youth Awards 2022: Meet the new categories this year | Youth Awards

The 2022 edition of Youth Awards will be very special, as it will be the first time that the award ceremony will take place outside of Miami, at the historic José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico next Thursday July 21. These awards are given by the public and now that we know the full list of nomineesyou can choose who will be the winners voting now HERE, you have until the last minute on Monday, June 27. In addition, this year ten new categories will debut to distribute a total of 33 awards.

Youth Awards 2022: These are the new categories

Among the debuting categories will be Male Artist – On The Rise and Female Artist – On The Rise, which will recognize those young stars who have made a big impact in a short time.

On the other hand, three other new awards will focus on rewarding artists who demonstrate their great talent on screen. These are: My Favorite Actor, My Favorite Actress and I Fall in Love, the last one consists of choosing the best kiss we have seen on the screen.

This year fans will also receive an award, as another of the new categories will be Best Fandom, in which recognition will be given to the group of followers that most supports their favorite star. In addition, we will have awards for My Favorite Streaming Artist, Best Couple Song (Singers who collaborated while in a relationship), Tropical Hit, and Best Beatmakers.

Here we present the 33 categories of Premios Juventud 2022:

1. La Nueva Generación – Feminina (New female artist)
2. The New Generation – Male (New Male Artist)
3. La Nueva Generación Regional Mexicano (New artist in the Regional Mexican genre)
4. Male Artist – On The Rise
5. Female Artist – On The Rise
6. My Favorite ‘Streaming’ Artist
7. Best Couple Song (Singers in love relationship collaborating together)
8. Best Regional Mexican Song
9. Best Mexican Regional Collaboration
10. Best Regional Mexican Fusion (Regional Mexican Genre mixed with another musical genre)
11. The Perfect Mix (Song with the best collaboration)
12. Tropical Hit (Best Tropical Song)
13. Tropical Mix (Best Tropical Collaboration)
14. Collaboration OMG (Best Collaboration with an Anglo Artist)
15. Viral Track of the Year (Fastest Rising Song on Social Media)
16. Male Youth Artist
17. Female Youth Artist
18. Favorite Group or Duo of the Year
19. Album of the Year
20. Regional Mexican Album of the Year
21. La Mas Pegajosa (The song you can’t stop singing)
22. Girl Power (The best collaboration between two or more female artists)
23. Best ‘Beatmakers’ (Best Producer or DJ who creates the best tracks in the industry)
24. The Hottest Coreo (Videos with authentic choreography)
25. Video With The Most Powerful Message (Video With The Best Social Message)
26. I want more (Influencer or artist that I follow the most on the networks and I always want more)
27. Together they turn on my networks (Couples who share the most in their networks)
28. Best Fandom
29. Social Dance Challenge (The most imitated dance challenge on the networks)
30. The Most Trendy (Setting trends)
31. My Favorite Actor
32. My Favorite Actress
33. I fall in love