With a cost of 126 million, they present remodeled the Cultural Center of the Forest

The restoration and remodeling of the venues that make up the performing arts circuit of the CCB Forest Cultural Center (Julio Castillo Theatre, Orientation Theatre, National School of Folkloric Dance, Plaza Ángel Salas, El Granero Xavier Rojas Theatre, Guillermina Bravo Dance Theatre, Xavier Villaurrutia Hall and El Galeón Theatre) were publicly announced on May 11, at a round of press, for Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto Guerrerothe undersecretary of Cultural Development, Marina Núñez Bespalova, the general director of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), Lucina Jiménez and the national theater coordinator, Daniel Miranda Cano.

Press tour of the facilities. Photo: Carlos Mejía, El Universal

These works are part of the Chapultepec, Nature and Culture project and had an investment of 126 million 246 thousand 265 pesos with which the infrastructure of each venue was renewed: change of seating and lighting, repair of leaks, placement of ceiling panels, floors, pavement and electrical installations, remodeling of dressing rooms, purchase of audiovisual equipment and provision of spaces for people with disabilities (ramps and bathrooms in the Luisa Josefina Hernández and El Galeón Orientation Theaters; elevator, ramp and bathroom in the Xavier Villaurrutia Hall).

Press tour of the facilities. Photo: Carlos Mejía, El Universal

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The CCB had been without any type of intervention for more than two decades, Frausto Guerrero stated, while Jiménez explained that part of the Cultural Center’s lag was due to its location between Campo Marte, the ecological parking lot and the National Auditorium; With these works, the circuit is expected to become “an ecosystem for cultural rights,” said the secretary. And she added that confinement was a key period for closed spaces to be remodeled, in addition to the fact that work did not stop during the assembly of any work.

Press tour of the facilities. Photo: Carlos Mejía, El Universal

For this year, one of the main plans will be the construction of a pedestrian bridge that will link the CCB with the Second Section of the Chapultepec Forest from the Scenic Pavilion, a space for the performing arts and whose objective will be to receive independent companies, artistic projects and interdisciplinary and groups belonging to INBAL.

Dance theatre. Photo: Carlos Mejía, El Universal

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It is contemplated that a part of the Scenic Pavilion area will be located in the ecological parking lot that is next to the CCB.