where to go and useful tips

In holiday with the dog? Starting with your own four-legged friend it’s always an amazing adventure! The perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond and – why not – to experience a different journey than usual. There are so many destinations to choose from, both in Italy and in Europe, where in recent years many structures and locations have become pet friendly.

Before deciding the destination, however, it is necessary to discover some simple tips and rules that will allow you to travel with serenity. Safety and comfort are undoubtedly the watchwords to meet your dog’s needs and make the holiday absolutely peaceful and fun.

How to handle the dog on vacation

Spending a holiday with your dog will allow you to strengthen the bond between you and live a magical experience. But beware of don’t make any mistakes. First, plan your trip carefully. If you are in the company of your pet you will not be able to improvise (at least not too much). Before leaving, therefore, make sure you find facilities that will be ready to welcome the dog in the best way.

During the trip, make several stops and try to always have fresh water available, especially in summer when temperatures are high. You will also need to have the appropriate bags close at hand to be able to collect the dog’s needs. Whether by plane, car or train, the pet carrier is ideal for ensuring safety and comfort for your four-legged friend. The advice is to prepare a special suitcase for your furry friend in which you will find everything you need: in addition to bowls, fresh water, treats and bags, don’t forget your muzzle, leash and health book.

Where to go: sea

Long swims, breathtaking runs on the beach, cuddling under the umbrella and exploring: going to the beach with the dog is wonderful! In Italy, but also in Europe, there are many destinations not to be missed!

In Liguria, discovering the most beautiful sea

Liguria is undoubtedly one of the best regions for a trip to the sea with the dog. The equipped beaches, ready to welcome fido, are many and offer comfort for both the furry ones and the owner. From Riviera di Ponente to Riviera di Levante you are spoiled for choice. In Genoa, for example, we find the Capo Marina beach, with many services for everyone, while the Giardini baths in Chiavari also have bars and restaurants with free access for dogs. And if in Santa Margherita Ligure the Bau Bau Beach is now a cult, in Albissola it is possible to relax in the first dog friendly beach, born in the nineties.

In Greece, among the beauties of Santorini

Magical and super pet friendly, Greece is an excellent destination for organizing a holiday with your dog. In particular Santorini is perfect for welcoming our furry friends. The narrow streets – particularly in the northern area – do not allow the passage of cars. The paths are therefore often traveled by owners and their pets, to discover Unspoiled nature, ancient artisan shops but also restaurants and churches. In fact, dogs can enter almost anywhere, even in museums. The hotels welcome tourists with animals and it is possible to make the dog travel comfortably on the ships that reach the island.

In Dalmatia on the most beautiful beaches

Do you want to take a dip in the sea with your dog? Dalmatia is a great destination! In this area of ​​Croatia indeed animals are welcome. The structures that welcome dogs are numerous, as well as the beaches. From Simuni, on the beautiful island of Peg, to Bol, located on the island of Brac, to Cvitacka in Makarska and the coast of Slano near Dubrovnik, there are so many pet-friendly beaches that you will be spoiled for choice. Not only that: the beaches are super-equipped, with all the services, from showers to spades to clean the needs up to drinking water.

Where to go: mountains

Trekking, walks and green meadows: in the mountains you and your dog will breathe pure air and have a lot of fun.

In Valtellina between trekking and good food

In summer, as in winter, Valtellina is able to offer a unique holiday to owners and their dogs. Whether it’s for a weekend or a week, a trip between Bormio and Livigno it is the perfect idea to combine long walks, dream landscapes and adventures. For both small and large dogs there are many activities not to be missed, thanks also to the presence of numerous trekking routes. Sports enthusiasts can try the road of the Cascata della Val Nera which is located in Livigno, those who are beginners could instead take a walk along the Adda river, in Bormio, which leads to the city center, where they can treat themselves to a meal based on typical dishes.

In Val d’Orcia in the heart of Tuscany

Culture, good food and love for animals: the Val d’Orcia has a lot to offer to dogs and owners. If you are planning a holiday with your dog you could visit this corner of Tuscany. There are many villages to discover, including towers and suggestive historical centers. Like Pienza and Montepulciano, but also San Quirico d’Orcia and Montalcino, where dogs can even climb the fortress. In Monteriggioni, on the other hand, you can take your pet with you both on the walls and in the splendid weapons museum.

In Switzerland between trails and nature

Among the countries most dog friendly there is undoubtedly Switzerland. Throughout the territory there are hotels and facilities ready to welcome dogs. Fairytale woods, lakes and green paths will give you wonderful walks with your furry friend. And if you want to discover a city, you just have to reach Zurich. Transport is also super modern and pet-friendly: ideal for a holiday with the dog!

Where to go: city

In Bologna between parks and secret places

A low cost destination with a lot to offer, Bologna is appreciated by those who want to enjoy extraordinary gastronomy and a century-old history, walking and exploring. Dogs are not allowed in museums and churches, but this is not a limit. In fact, the city has a lot to offer to pets, thanks to huge parks and the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca where they are welcome.

In Ireland in the pet pub

Cheerful and colorful, Ireland is ready to welcome you with open arms if you want to organize a holiday with your dog. If you choose Dublin you will even find a dedicated pub. We are talking about the MVP which offers outdoor areas, comfortable cushions and bowls with water to allow dogs to eat together with their owners. In the area surrounding the city you can discover villages, green hills and cliffs breathtaking landscapes. The perfect place to have fun, run and explore with your dog.

In Paris, between museums and parks

Have you always dreamed of visiting Paris? You can do it with your four-legged friend in comfort! Exploring the city with your dog is a real pleasure, thanks also to the numerous dog sitting services available. If you travel by metro you can take your pet with you and for dogs up to 6 kg in weight the transport is free. Museums and monuments – when they do not allow animals – offer spaces where they can be safely left, while they can walk happily in parks such as Jarden du Luxembourg or Jarden Sauvage (just keep it on a leash). Leaving Paris we find two other pet friendly mini destinations: Versailles, where dogs can wander around the gardens (but not inside) and Disneyland Paris, an amusement park where an excellent dog sitting service is offered.

Dog on vacation: tips

Traveling with your dog is a magical experience that you will not forget. But remember that there are some small precautions and tips to follow to make the relaxing and beautiful holidaynot only for you, but also for your pet.

“For those traveling by car, for example, it would be advisable to cool the car before departure – he explains Silvia Delfini, veterinarian for dogs and cats -. In fact, it should be checked that the temperature is not too high or too low “.

Hours of travel are also crucial. “It would be better to avoid the warmer ones, while before departure make sure that the dog has a light meal or is fasting. This is to avoid motion sickness disorders. If your dog is particularly affected by this disorder, it is advisable to ask your veterinarian for advice. He will be the one to indicate useful drugs or supplements to address the problem. In case of long journeys, plan to make stops to get the dog to move a little and make him go to the toilet “.

The holiday with the dog will also go planned in previous months. To face the journey in a serene way you will have to get used to it gradually. “It would be preferable to always accustom the dog to travel gradually,” says the veterinarian.

“I always recommend making sure that no special vaccinations are required in the destination you are headed to. Also in this case it is always better to ask your veterinarian for advice. Registration in the canine registry, insertion of the microchip and vaccinations are essential, but a prophylaxis for infectious or infestive diseases present in foreign countries must also be evaluated “.