What has happened to the artistic life of the RBD singers?

After the appearance of Anahí, former member of the RBD group and actress of the Rebelde series, at one of Karol G’s concerts in Mexico, many of his followers have wondered through social networks what has happened to the figures that were part of this group. Here we tell you what has happened with each of them since his retirement until now.

One of the most remembered characters for his appearance with Karol G during a concert in Mexico City is Anahí Giovanna Portilla, who is an actress, singer, model, composer and Mexican businesswoman.

Ahaní is remembered for being part of the musical group and the series since 2004. While she was recording the series, she released Antología, an album with her most remembered songs: Today is tomorrow, Anchored in my heart and Baby blue.

Currently, Ahaní is carrying out personal projects through digital platforms, one of them is a podcast with her sister Marichelo called “Estan ahí” and a web page called “An by Anahí”, in which he gives advice on nutrition, fitness and yoga.

One of the members of Rebelde who left his musical career to fully enter the world of acting is Alfonso Herrerawho in 2020 won the Ariel award for best actor for his performance in the film “El baile de los 41”, which was presented during the closing event of the Morelia International Film Festival, in Mexico.

In addition, he is recognized for participating in various humanitarian campaigns. In July 2012 he became an ambassador for the Non Violence Foundation, created by Yoko Ono. This initiative began with the aim of helping to eradicate violence and carry a message of peace in Mexico.

One of the most remembered of the musical band is Maite Perroni Beorlegi, who in 2004 had his acting debut in the youth telenovela with the character of Lupita Fernandez.

Perroni is fully involved in the world of acting. The actress has participated on television in the series “Dark Desire” and “Who Killed Sara?”, while in the cinema she has participated in “The Eighth Clause” and “I Can’t Without You”.

For his part, the actor Jose Christian Chavez Garzawho was part of the series with the character of Giovanni Mendez Lopezhas participated on several occasions in the cinema and in the theater.

Chávez was part of the Rebelde since 2004, at the time when Pedro Damián invited him to be part of the project.

Later He made his theater debut with the play “Today I can’t get up” in 2007. and in 2012 he participated in the musical Avenida Q.12.

In 2014, Chávez returned to television as a participant in the reality show Top Chef Estrellas and in 2018 he made his film debut with the movie “En las bien y malas”.

About this film, José Christian Chávez pointed out at that time: “This story talks about love, but from another point of view. My character is one of those who say they fall in love not because of sex, but because of the heart, he can be a man or he can be a woman, but he goes through a series of unfortunate events and realizes several things”.

Dulce María, who is one of the actresses who appears in the series in the 2022 edition, He pointed out that he saw this project as a tribute to the work they have done over the years, in the world of music and acting.

At that moment Dulce María is developing her musical and acting career. One of her last songs was “What you see is not what I am”. In addition, she is a woman who carries out humanitarian activities with the most needy people in Mexico.

After leaving the RBD group, in 2008, Christopher Uckrermann went on his way as a solo artist. One of his most memorable hits was “Turn off the machine”, which was released in 2011.

Uckrermann has had some interventions on television. One of the two most remembered participations of his have been 2091 in 2017 and Diablero, that was on the Mexican screen from 2018 to 2020.