What happened to Grupo Limit? This has been from Alicia Villarreal and all its members

Limit Group is a band that was active from 1995 to 2003. Originally from Monterrey Nuevo León, the group led by Alicia Villarreal left big hits like ‘Te Haces’ or ‘Ay! Papacito’, after a few years of their separation, many of us wonder what happened with the members of this group.

In 1995 the band debuted with their album ‘Por Puro Amor’ which had singles like ‘Te Mejoras’ and ‘Con la misma piedra’. Alicia Villarreal He always sought to give the group’s songs a special touch with his classic ‘ah-hah’. Although in 2003 they separated, in 2005 the band returned but without its original members.

doWhat happened with the members of Limit Group?

Alicia Villarreal He was in Limit Group from 1995 to 2003. She pointed out that during her time at Limit she had felt “humiliated, crucified, beaten and powerless because when I wanted to talk it was not worth it because I am a woman.” She was married for three years to Arturo Carmona with whom she had her daughter Melanie, she is currently married to Cruz Martínez with whom she has two children, Cruz Ángelo and Félix Estefano. After her departure her solo career began, she currently has five studio albums and two compilation albums.

Luis Mario Garza was a drummer for Limit Group, for 1998 he decided to leave the group months before they recorded their fourth album ‘De Corazón al Corazón’. He joined Priscila y sus Balas de Plata and in 1999 he would definitively join Grupo Pesado, a band in which he continues to play. According to the musician, she left the group due to labor problems regarding the decisions that Alicia was making.

Gerardo Padilla wrote some songs for Limit Group like ‘No me mires asi’ and ‘Acuérdate’, after Villarreal’s departure he decided to continue together with Sergio and Carlos as LÍMITE, however, they did not obtain the expected results, for 2004 they created a new project called Grupo Euforia but they were not received either as they imagined, so in 2009 they decided to renew with LMT.

was also with Limit Group At the beginning, after the departure of Villarreal, he joined Gerardo to create Limit, as well as Grupo Euforia and LMT. Both he and Gerardo tried to approach Alicia in 2011 to join the original group but could not reach an agreement. In 2012 they returned to integrate LÍMITE with a new vocalist.

Jesús Cantú had the opportunity to sing a song by the group, ‘El amor de mi vida’, which he decided to dedicate to his relatives. After the separation, Jesús returned with the group under the name of LMT and later participated in the return of LÍMMITE in 2012.

Carlos Ramírez is also one of the members of Limit Group that was from the beginning. He also followed in the footsteps of his colleagues and accompanied them in the creation of LÍMITE, Grupo Euforia and LMT. So currently Carlos is also within this new lineup.

Limit Group It marked a before and after within the group genre, since it was very rare (and to this day it still is) to see a woman leading one of these groups. Alicia Villarreal managed to impregnate him with a special touch not only with his voice but also with his image, now you know what happened with the members of this band.