Vacation? Yes, but not without tailor-made insurance

This year we return to travel with more tranquility after two complex years for tourism. Given the times of uncertainty, however, travelers are taking a more prudent attitude. The propensity to purchase a travel insurance is increasing, even in the younger age groups, to protect health as well as the economic investment: the proposed coverage ranges from the cancellation of the holiday to medical expenses for illness or accident up to assistance. road.

A greater propensity to insure. According to the analysis of Europ Assistance, the trend towards the purchase of travel policies is growing.

In the first four months of 2022, direct sales of this type of products increased with peaks reaching + 30% for the Easter period and the long weekends at the end of April compared to 2019.

Even more significant is the data relating to the purchase of optional policies, i.e. those that are bought in conjunction with a holiday package: in 2019 40% of travelers chose the insurance, today it is 75%, almost double.

This trend is also due to the fact that the pandemic has shown that unforeseen events happen, even in a carefree moment like a holiday: most people, in fact, prefer to buy a travel insurance policy in order to protect their health above all, as well as to economic investment.

Not for nothing, a recent survey by Europ Assistance Italia on its individual customers, despite having no statistical value for the Italian population, reveals that 77% of respondents will also be insured in 2022 and 38% will choose comprehensive insurance.

Insurance has also become important for the youngest: if before it was more widespread in the age group of people between 35 and 65, today the group of people between 25 and 35 is in second place in terms of number of customers. .

The data on perception is also relevant: 48% of the sample declares that travel insurance is more important than in the past, while only 3% consider it less important. In addition, non-EU destinations are back: 34% have in fact chosen a destination outside the European borders.

Some solutions available today. There are many solutions available on the market today.

For example, Europ Assistance for those traveling to the Peninsula offers Viaggi Italia, which offers assistance and the reimbursement of medical expenses, to which it is also possible to add protection for the home, for family members left at home, for your pet and for civil liability.

If you are traveling in Europe (and in some countries of the Mediterranean basin), there is Viaggi Europa, which also gives the possibility to include the luggage guarantee, for travel accidents, roadside assistance, reimbursement for travel expenses. search or rescue and a guarantee that protects in the event of Covid-19 infection.

If, on the other hand, the destination is a non-European destination, there is Viaggi Nostop Vacanza, which offers the possibility of adding the guarantee for integrated home assistance, luggage guarantee, travel accident coverage and civil liability.

Or there is Sara Assicurazioni’s proposal, Viaggiare, available in an individual formula and a group formula.

The individual one (Viaggiare Libero) provides for the cancellation of the trip, which compensates the compensation for the cancellation of the trip, within the limit of the policy; with regard to medical expenses, in the event of an accident or sudden illness, there is the reimbursement of the expenses incurred following hospitalization in the place where the event occurred (including the surgeon’s fees, room fees surgery and intervention material), costs for medicines (provided they are carried out following a medical prescription or a first aid certificate) and for dental treatment following an accident, as well as the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the insured in Italy within 30 days from the return of the trip.

There are also specific covers for baggage (for example the coverage of material and direct damage arising in the event of theft, fire, robbery, theft and non-delivery), for assistance to the vehicle, including transport or repatriation of the vehicle. and an overnight stay in a hotel if the insured suffers the total theft of the vehicle, with the possibility of having a driver available if you are unable to drive the vehicle due to an accident or sudden illness; in addition to this there are guarantees for personal assistance, with the possibility, for example, of receiving advice or sending a doctor (in Italy), of having transport by ambulance and medical return, in addition to civil liability travelling.

The policy for the beach. On the other hand, a novelty is Spiaggia without worries, a travel insurance launched by (portal for booking umbrellas, with a network of over a thousand partner establishments) and developed in collaboration with Ima Italia Assistance, the Italian branch of the French group Inter Mutuelles Assistance, which also offers the reimbursement of the umbrella reservation at the establishment in the event of early cancellation of the reservation or of causes that make it impossible to arrive at the structure: the customer can therefore receive compensation in the event of cancellation (for any objectively documentable) carried out more than three days from the expected date of arrival. In addition, the insurance covers medical expenses, with travel medical support and assistance for family members at home, as well as car assistance or emergency assistance at home.

The new insurance from Airbnb. There is also the AirCover insurance, recently introduced by Airbnb, always included and free for every stay, which includes a reservation guarantee which provides, in the event that a host has to cancel the reservation within 30 days of check- in, finding an alternative, similar or better home, or a refund; the policy also includes the check-in guarantee, so if it is not possible to check-in at the house and the host cannot solve the problem, another accommodation will be offered for the duration of the original stay or a reimbursement; there is also the guarantee of conformity: if at any time during the stay the guest notices that the house does not comply with the announcement (for example, the refrigerator is not working and the host cannot repair it easily, or there are fewer bedrooms of those listed) will have three days to report it and another accommodation will be selected.

Another guarantee is the H24 Security support, thanks to which, if the guest feels unsafe, he can get in touch with agents specialized in security, day and night.

AirCover was inserted directly into the Airbnb app and website, allowing you to contact an agent and quickly resolve problems. Airbnb has created a team of specially trained agents to assist with last minute rebooking and significantly expanded the availability of the 24-hour security line, available in 16 languages.

Choosing the right product. The offer is however very wide, given that the coverage ranges from the simple cancellation of the trip, up to the most complete formula that covers health costs for illness, accident and for Covid-19.

According to Silvana Zagnoni, head of the Affinity, personal line & small business division of Assiteca (an Italian insurance broker that offers professional services and consultancy on the integrated management of corporate risks), ¬ętravel insurance is increasingly in demand by people. The pandemic has certainly affected the sensitivity of those who travel for work, study or vacation even for a few days and seek insurance protection that can provide support in case of need. There are many companies operating in this sector and, in general, the solutions offered are valid but, as for all other types of policies, it is always good to carefully read the conditions and deductibles applied, so as not to incur nasty surprises at the moment. of need. There are several aspects to take into account, one of the most important is the presence of an assistance service through a call center which, in the event of an emergency, has the function of coordinating emergency response and possible travel, supporting the customer in the language necessary to ensure timely and efficient communication “.