Two eighty-year-old Beatles rocking out on tour

MEXICO CITY ( The almost 82-year-old drummer Ringo Starr, who had begun to perform in concert with his All Starr Band since May 27 in Canada, announced that two of his musicians contracted covid from which reschedule the remaining 12 presentations of their tour until the month of September.

A couple of dates are scheduled in Mexico by Ringo’s All Starr Band, on October 19 and 20, at the National Auditorium.

Ringo’s ensemble includes: Gregg Bissonette (drums), Colin Hay (guitar), Warren Ham (sax, organ), Steve Lukather (guitar), Hamish Stuart (bass, lyre) and Edward Winter (keyboards). Those who tested positive for Covid are Winter and Luckather (

On June 7, during a concert at New York’s Bacon Theater, pointing to a bunch of pianos and keyboards on stage, Ringo said:

“You may have noticed that there is a bunch of keyboards that Edgar (Winter) was supposed to play, but his covid test came out positive. Peace and love to Edgar… Our concerts with the band will continue as planned while Edgar recovers.”

But on Saturday, June 11, Ringo announced on his internet channel that Californian guitarist Steve Luckaher had contracted the virus:

“We are sorry to disappoint our fans. It’s been wonderful to be back on tour and we’ve had a great time playing for all of you. But as you have realized, the Covid continues and despite the fact that we have been careful, contagions happen, so we thank you for your patience, I send you all peace and love, in truth, we already urgently need autumn to come so we can return Let’s see.”

McCartney turns 80 without his voice stream

The Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti told in his biography that one of the greatest fears of his life was waking up in the morning and not being able to make any sound through his powerful voice.

In the case of Paul McCartney, who will turn 80 this June 18, his vocal chords began to deteriorate during the pandemic, when the beautiful Beatles bassist isolated himself in Scotland to record the album “McCartney III” at home, noting that his his once exceptional voice had diminished but not his talent as a composer and instrumentalist.

However, last April saw a stubborn Paul begin an American tour of almost three hours at each concert, accompanied by the same band that has been at his side for more than two decades: Wix Wickens on keyboards, Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums, plus guitarists Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray. Also, in these presentations called “The Got Back Tour” (The tour returned) are the three metals of the Hot City Horns.

A total of 30 songs “Macca” performs in each show, this time using the maximum support of visual technology and allowing the other members of his group to harmonize the pieces with him. The emotional part happens when playing in the final encore “I’ve Got a Feeling”, where John Lennon appears on the huge screens of the live concert virtually singing the piece filmed during the last Beatles recital, on the roof of Apple Records, January 1969; as well as playing “Get Back” with images from the Beatles documentary of the same name (released by Peter Jackson in three parts on the Disney Plus channel at the end of 2021).

Although hardly anyone talks about the loss of Paul McCartney’s voice, perhaps in the thought of the wide vocal range that managed to cover about five octaves, although there were those who dared to criticize him and invited him to consider his retirement.

Since 2012, when Paul put out “Kisses on the Bottom” CDs of old jazz standards, some have noted that he no longer had a voice to compete with the original vocalists of those classics. And yet, the critics forgave him. But the truth came out one Saturday at the end of October 2021, when he introduced “the beatle of a thousand voices” to the Foo Fighters group in the Rock Hall of Fame: He sang “Get Back” with them and the public noticed that his vocal chords did not respond to him causing some fans to ask him to withdraw.

“In the beautiful ‘Women and Wives’, her cracked and deep voice of old age, far from being a problem, becomes a resource that gives more drama to a song about the passage of time,” Diego Valente commented, saving it for the Indiehoy portal. .com. The last tentative date of this “Macca” tour will be June 16 at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford. Also, on June 25 Paul and his band will go to the Glastonbury Festival, in his native England.

In the middle of each concert, when Paul performs “Love Me Do”, which was the first single released by The Beatles in 1962, the musician admits that he felt very insecure with his voice and “it showed”. It is important to mention that this album was released on October 12 of that year with a concert to which they invited the great black rock ‘n’ roll Ricardito (Little Richard), who in his autobiography “The Quasar of Rock. The Life and Times of Little Richard” (1984) recounts Charlie White:

“I had a close relationship with Paul McCartney, but with John it was impossible […] He did his rude things [tirarse pedos], jumped everywhere and ran nonstop, and I didn’t like him. It was different from Paul and George who were sweet. Paul would come and sit and just look at me. He practically did not take his eyes off me. And he was like, ‘Oh Richard, you’re my idol, let me touch you! He wanted to learn my cry [es decir, su alarido de alma en pena], so we’d sit at the piano and go “Whooo! Whooo!” until she learned it.”

Paul would use those teachings from Ricardito for pieces of his that he sang as lead vocalist throughout his six decades of great career, for example: “I’m Down”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Hey Jude”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Got to Get You Into My Life”, “Monkberry Moon Delight”, or “Smile Away”.

So far no concerts have been announced in Mexico for “Macca”.