Travel destinations with the most advantageous exchange rates for Europeans

The years we are going through, between pandemic and geopolitical crisis, have led to a disruption of the world economy with obvious repercussions on the strength of the various currencies. In light of all this Eburya financial institution specializing in international payments and currency conversion, conducted a study that analyzed i Countries where the most advantageous exchange rates for European travelers are found.

The report in detail

According to what emerges from the report, the most advantageous exchange rates for the citizens of the old continent are found in Argentinaas well as in Egypt where the euro, compared to July 2021, appreciated up to 14.8% and 4% respectively.

Same situation also in Turkey where, in the last twelve months, the European currency has risen by 74.48% while in Sri Lanka earned 57%.

The euro, however, lost value in Brazil, Mexico and in United Arab Emirates where it fell by almost 9.63%, 13.26% and 11.55% against the Brazilian real, the Mexican peso and the dirham.

As for the US dollar, however, the current value is almost 11.65% lower than last year, with a parity that creates some more problems for European tourists in the most popular North American destinations.

But now let’s try to understand together how much a vacation can cost Countries where exchange rates are still advantageous for Europeans.

How much does a vacation in Argentina cost

Argentina is one of those countries that, thanks to its beauty, allows you to make a thousand trips in one. A place full of wonders that are absolutely ideal for all tastes. Generally speaking, prices are more or less similar to those found in Italy, but with some exceptions.

This is because peso is a very unstable currency and therefore, in certain infrastructures, there will be two price categories, one for locals (by weight) and one for foreigners (in dollars).

To fly to Argentina it is possible to find return tickets to Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Puerto Iguazu starting from 500 euros, always considering, however, that depending on the season, prices can rise quickly.

In terms of accommodation you can stay overnight at all prices, while as regards food, dining in a medium-level restaurant costs about 15 euros. To raise the budget for a holiday are the international flight pricesi which, generally, are quite high due to the enormous extension of the country.

How much does a vacation in Egypt cost

Egypt certainly needs no introduction, a country with a very ancient history and which is able to fascinate travelers from any part of the globe.

Generally speaking, prices in the country of the pyramids are generally very low, especially when compared with those in Europe. Again, the costs for tourists are not the same as for the locals. Very typical, among other things, is the tendency to bargain.

As for accommodation, you can stay in luxurious resorts as well as hostels. In big cities, especially during the low season, it is very easy to find hotels at bargain prices. In addition, several flights to this land depart from Italy, including those low cost.

How much does a vacation in Turkey cost

Turkey is a splendid country capable of uniting East and West. Also in this case the prices are on average lower than European standards. Furthermore, starting from Italy, there are not too many problems in finding cheap flights, thanks to the wide range of low cost airlines that serve the country.

The accommodations are available for every price range and, in particular, in big cities like Istanbul the choice is really wide and varied. Finally, food in Turkey is not only extremely delicious, it is also very cheap.

How much does a holiday in Sri Lanka cost

On the other side of the world is Sri Lanka, an island that offers breathtaking landscapes and incredible locations. However, the tourist explosion of recent years has brought about several changes, while remaining an authentic land.

The price of the flights depends a lot on the time of year in which you want to reach it, but in general they can also be purchased for around 530 euros per person, round trip.

Accommodation costs vary according to the category of the hotel, but it is good to know that in fact they are really affordable for all budgets.

The meals, in addition to being absolutely tasty, are very cheaply priced.

In short, all that remains is to book and leave for these countries that are still convenient for European tourists.