Tourist medical guard, the cry of pain of the CUDAS – Il Golfo 24

The prologue had been one of those really thunderous. The Gulf had received the outburst of a doctor on duty at the Tourist Medical Guard, Dr. Umberto Lo Passo, who had been categorical in his utterances: “Here we go again. Arriving at the gates of August – the doctor had commented – the Tourist Medical Guard of Ischia and Procida, which once started from mid-June and lasted until October, shows no sign of leaving. Among the causes, the usual disorganization of the institutions in charge, ASL Napoli 2 in the first place, and the deafening silence of those who have the duty and interest in promoting tourism services, local institutions. As already happened in 2019, in late summer the service has not yet been organized despite the intense tourist flow characterizing what should be the summer of the relaunch after 2 years of pandemic, but perhaps the most disadvantaged is Procida which, in the year where it is the capital of culture, it is without a basic service to cope with the massive arrival of visitors “.

A very strong indictment, one of those that do not admit explanations, and on which the Unitary Committee for the Right to Health (CUDAS) now strongly “relaunches”, chaired by Gianna Napoleone who in an articulated note launches a real cry of ache. “Not even the month of August brought the activation of the Surgical Medical Guard on our island as a dowry. An important seasonal service for one of the leading tourist realities of the Campania hospitality industry, which inexplicably, after the difficulties and delays of the years of the Covid emergency, this year seems to have been forgotten by ASL Na2 Nord, while in other realities tourism in the Region, the competent Health Authorities have provided it with due timeliness. And while, above all, we record the requests, solicitations and above all the disappointment and discomfort of tourists who discover that they cannot count on the guaranteed service until 2021, albeit with progressive downsizing and difficulties “.

“An important seasonal service for one of the tourists like Ischia which inexplicably, after the difficulties of the years of the Covid emergency, this year seems to have been forgotten while in other tourist realities of the Region, the competent Health Authorities have provided it with the necessary timeliness “

Napoleon and the representatives of the Committee who have always fought for efficient health care in the island area add: “Like Cudas Ischia, after the decisive interventions of the past few years, this year we raised the problem by delivering a letter of solicitation to the general manager D’Amore on 11 July, when he came to Ischia for the first stone of the new Rizzoli wing. “It will be for my successor,” he commented hotly, receiving the envelope before reading the contents. We replied that, given the nature and urgency of the service, it was not possible to wait so long … Then, in the face of nothing new and in fact, we reiterated the request / solicitation so that it was provided at least starting from 1 August, but still one time we have not received feedback “. An attitude that the CUDAS deems unacceptable and it is no coincidence that in the next step accusations are not spared even to other protagonists of island life including the business class: “The deafening silence and total immobility of the associations amazes us and is serious and incomprehensible to us. of island tourism on this issue which is far from secondary to the quality of the island’s tourist offer. Ė absurd, paradoxical, unacceptable that on the island, which due to its characteristics is involved precisely in the sector of ‘health tourism’, professionals continue to stand out for their absence precisely on the issues of health and the functionality and efficiency of services connected, including this of the GMT which should see them particularly committed and determined, in the front row, to find an adequate solution to the needs of users, that is also of their paying guests.

“We make a strong appeal to tour operators and to Federalberghi Ischia and Thermalists in the first place, because by making the request to provide horas for the activation of the service”


Doctor Umberto Lo Passo

But the Cudas does not give up and, therefore, we make a strong appeal to tour operators and their representative associations, Federalberghi Ischia and Thermalists in the first place, so that they also raise their voice, making them reach Frattamaggiore (where in any case someone who manages must be remained, even while waiting for the new Director General) the request to provide ad horas for the activation of the Tourist Medical Guard, which the island in this period cannot do without. All the more so since experience teaches that every time a service has been progressively sent to die with the most varied ‘justifications’, the island has been left without it definitively, with a consequent regression of its healthcare offer in terms of quantity. and quality of performance. We are available for joint meetings and actions to see what can be saved in this last part of the 2022 season. We await, confidently, feedback ”. Yes, it’s a pity that in the meantime we are already on August 5th …