Tourism, there is a desire for safe holidays: insurance boom

THE2022 is scoring a decisive step forward in the recovery of tourism. The pandemic has hit economies around the world and across sectors tourism is among those that suffered the greatest losses, for this reason everyone looks to summer with renewed hope. But in any case, the holidays of the past are gone. Covid has introduced a series of changes and in addition to the economic parameters, they are above all changing the habits of travelersi which they consider even more important leave with the peace of mind of comprehensive travel insurance.

According to research by Europ Assistance Italyan Italian company specializing in the insurance sector, is increasing the propensity, in especially among young peopleto purchase travel insurance for to protect not only health but also economic investment. In fact, the proposed coverage ranges from the cancellation of the holiday to medical expenses for illness or injury, but also roadside assistance or the protection of your pet and loved ones left at home.

Safe holidays, more and more tourists choose insurance policies

Europ Assistance Italia is the market leader in our country for travel assistance and thanks to its privileged point of view both on the world of do-it-yourself tourism and on the organized one, it has analyzed how the travel habits of Italians change with regard to insurance coverage.

In the first four months of 2022 direct sales of travel insurance have grown with peaks reaching + 30% for the Easter period and the bridges at the end of April compared to 2019.
Even more significant is the data relating to the purchase of optional policiesthat is, those that are bought in combination with a holiday package: in 2019 40% of travelers chose insurance, today they are 75%almost double.

The pandemic has shown that unforeseen events unfortunately happen, even in a carefree moment like the holiday. Most people today prefer to buy a travel insurance in order to protect their health above all, in addition to the economic investment. This is not only a temporary change due to Covid-19, but of an attitude of prudence destined to remain among the habits of travelers.


The trend: more and more tourists want to insure

A recent survey by Europ Assistance Italia on its individual customers, although not having statistical value for the Italian population, reveals a greater propensity to insure:

  • The 77% of respondents will make sure also in 2022
  • The 38% of respondents will choose comprehensive insurance.

L‘insurance it has also become important for the youngest.

Instrument first more common in the 35-65 age group, today the 25-35 range is in second place in terms of number of customers.

The data on perception is significant: 48% of the sample stated that travel insurance is more important today than in the past. Only 3% think it is less important. Non-EU destinations are also returning: 34% have in fact chosen a destination outside the European borders.

Tourism, there is a desire for safe holidays, there is a boom in insurance

The new insurance proposals

Among the new insurance proposals, for whom travel to Itaia there is the possibility to offer assistanceand the reimbursement of medical expenses, but also protection for the home and for family members left at home and also for their pet.

For those traveling to Europeamong the policies of Europ Assistance there is also one that also gives the possibility to include the luggage guarantee, in addition to travel accidents, roadside assistance and reimbursement for any search and rescue costs.

There is also the possibility of making a special insurance for those who go to the beach, launched by in collaboration with Ima Italy Assistance, which gives the possibility to refund the reservation of the umbrella soon the establishment in case of early cancellation of the reservation or for reasons that make it impossible to arrive at the structure. But it also covers medical expenses and travel health support.

In short, tourism is returning to the glories of a few years ago and the traveler becomes more and more aware of the risks and willing to protect himself with insurance.

The important thing is always read the conditions carefully and the deductibles applied by insurance companies to avoid nasty surprises when it becomes necessary to use the insurance policy.

The one that is most popular is linked to Covid: “When we propose it, 99% buys it”

The upward trend in holiday insurance policies is also confirmed by Fiavetthe Italian Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations in the words of Giuseppe Ciminnisivice president of and owner of a travel agency in Sicily in the province of Agrigento.

“L‘insurance which is the most popular is that linked to Covid – explained Ciminnisi – We always offer it and 99% of the time the customer accepts it. As a rule, apart from a small franc, the policy covers all costs. It is stipulated at the time of the contract and then in case of justified reason it can be challenged by taking action against the insurance company. The price, on the other hand, can vary a lot. It ranges from fifteen to hundreds of euros; varies according to the age of the user, the length of the trip and its duration “.

Giuseppe Ciminnisi, vice president of Fiavet Turismo, there is a desire for safe holidays: there is an insurance boom

Giuseppe Ciminnisi, vice president of Fiavet