This is what “Me porto bonito” by Bad Bunny would sound like if it were classical music

  • Social networks have helped many people to buy their talent.

  • The interpretation of the tiktoker already has more than 69 thousand likes.

  • Me Porto Bonito, is one of the new songs that the reggaeton performs in collaboration with Chencho Corleone.

Social networks have become the best tool that people use to communicate, entertain themselves, educate themselves, among other things. On these platforms it has become normal to find viral content from a brand or even from a public figure, as is the case with a video that has become a trend on TikTok where an Internet user showed what the recent song “Me porto bonito” by reggaeton singer Bad Bunny would sound like, if it were classical music.

Without a doubt, social networks have reached great power around the world, according to data from a new report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, which shows that there are currently 4.62 billion network users worldwide.

Given this data, it is normal to find various stories on these platforms that strengthen the good use that people can give to these platforms.

This is how Bad Bunny’s “Me porto bonito” would sound if it were classical music

Again Bad Bunny is still in the content that many people create and share on social networks, especially on the preferred platform of many such as TikTok.

A tiktoker surprised everyone on the short video social network after sharing how the new song of “Me porto bonito” by the Puerto Rican reggaeton would be heard, in a classic version.

“Me Porto Bonito” is one of the new songs that the reggaeton artist performs in collaboration with Chencho Corleone and is included on his album ‘A summer without you’, released last Friday, May 6. This theme is triumphing on the YouTube social network and on the Spotify streaming platform.

This new discography of the singer has caused many people to create content for their networks based on the artist’s songs, so Spotify revealed that A summer without you has become the most listened to album in a single day so far in 2022 . In addition, his interpreter has broken a record and can boast of being the most listened to artist in one day in the history of the application.

The interpretation of the tiktoker whose username is mr.bob1898, already has more than 69 thousand likes, but also in his account that more than 118 thousand followers share content referring to themes of popular songs that are changed to various styles, as he did on this occasion with the Puerto Rican reggaeton song.

@mr.bob1898 YOU ARE NOT A BABY YOU ARE A BABY!! #badbunny #chenchocorleone #FrunktheBeat #latino #latina #boricua ♬ Me Porto Bonito Classic Version – kristian bob

The recording also has many comments from the digital pulse where they congratulate him on his creativity to perform the reggaeton theme at this rate.

“I am putting these audios to my son so that he likes classical music but with flow”, says one of the comments.

“You put it on the unique and special guy who doesn’t listen to Bad Bunny without telling him it’s his and he likes it hahaha”, read in another comment.

“God, your content only proves one thing: music is too universal”, says another comment.

Nowadays, showing your talent can be very easy with the use of social networks, where you can position yourself in a viral way until you reach other parts of the world.

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