This is what Charlie Cox looks like with a new Daredevil suit in the Disney + series… in an incredible fan-art

MADRID, June 11 (CultureLeisure) –

charlie cox is ready to return as Daredevil in the new Disney+ series and that, in turn, will be a continuation of its third season on Netflix. And as is logical, it is most likely that, with a new fiction, the protector of Hell’s Kitchen wears a new and imposing suit that an artist already imagined in an amazing fan-art.

And it is that, like other superheroes like Hombre de HierroSpider-Man, Hulk or Black Widow They incorporate improvements in both their equipment and their suits, adding weapons, accessories or armor to face great threats, as well Daredevil himself could upgrade his outfit now that it is already under the control of Marvel Studios.

Already in his first season, the vigilante wore a homemade all black costume -like the one you already wore in the Frank Miller comic– and it was not until the last chapter when he got what would be his iconic red bulletproof suit and manufactured by the Wilson Fisk’s very own tailor, Melvin Potter.

It’s more, the second season of Daredevil revealed the urban hero clad in a suit whose design was closer to the one seen in staples of the House of Ideas. One that he was stripped of in the next installment, being forced back into wearing a version of his black costume.

That is why, now with Cox prepared to resume his role as the Man Without Fear in the series that will premiere Marvelthe artist spdrmnkyxxiii has imagined the new look he could wear in what will be the character’s fourth season.

A design that the illustrator has shared through his Instagram account and in which it can be seen at vigilante in the red suit, at night, clinging to the top of what looks like a church.

Stalking and willing to protect the innocent, the New York hero wears a suit that combines the classic look of the comics with others that he wore Ben Affleck in the movie in which he embodied the character. Thus, in this costume, it is possible to appreciate how the hero’s iconic emblem is located near his shoulder, instead of on his chest.

Other striking aspects of the costume are found in the extremitiessince, both in the arms and in the legs, the suit has black details that are remarkably reminiscent of the one that Daredevil wore in his Ultimate version in the Marvel comics.

Of course, he is not the only one, since the defense staff he wields is a version closer to the Tambõ, a defensive weapon whose origin takes place in feudal Japan.

And as more information emerges about Cox’s relaunch as Daredevil already within the UCMfans will be able to enjoy the first three seasons of the series again, which after passing through Netflix will now be available on Disney + on June 29.