This is the new and historic BIVA that will be inaugurated this Sunday

ANDl new and futuristic BIVA (Bilbao Vista Alegre) is ready for the long-awaited and brand new opening this Sunday with a top-level poster. Once the works have been completed, this is how the new and historic biva, After an ambitious remodeling to which the old Bochowhich will now become an emblematic point of Bilbaoa place of reference and a neuralgic enclave of the Biscayan capital with the great investment made by the company company Bullfighting Art and Culture BMF (Bailleres-Martínez Flamarique), which will mean a historical change for his ambitious project and his pioneering idea. The one that encompasses absolute transformation of bullfighting management model of a bullring to locate it within the cultural and leisure offer at the service of the city.

The new BIVA will finally open its doors this Sunday to welcome José María Manzanares, Alejandro Talavante, Roca Rey and Pablo Hermoso de Mendozathat will fight bulls of San Pelayo and Jandilla in a poster of enormous expectation with which a modern and attractive spaceuseful during all year and to All society, that you can go to the multiple cultural, sports and leisure events, without losing, of course, your main use: bullfighting, that grow ostensibly both in quantity and in their location in the calendar.

BIVA In this way, it becomes a new arena as a whole, equipped with the latest trends and technologies in this type of venue, with the functionality Y comfort by flag. This will be, in a dissected way, the main novelties that the Bilbao bullring will offer to the new visitor:

-DOME: During the winter months, from October to May, an avant-garde fixed covered structure, heated and glazed, will occupy the entire arena. In this way, it will be possible to give utility to the enclosure also in the months in which the weather is more adverse. When BIVA takes this form will have a maximum capacity of 14,758 seated spectators, to which they will be added until another 4,000 more at the foot of the track.

-Seats: All the seats have been replaced by others of higher quality that will look in shades red, blue, white, black and gray. It bets like this for the characteristic colors of the town.

-Access and sanitation: Both the hallways Like the vomitoria of access to the lines have been restored and adapted, facilitating greater comfort and spaciousness. In addition, it has been carried out building sanitation waterproofing exposed areas. Equally, the facade and exteriors have been restored.

-Box office: shine glazed spaces after undergoing a reform in its facilities both in what refers to its appearance like his technical infrastructures to provide facilities to the client.

-Lighting and screens: Powerful and cost-effective lighting system lighting device leds. Also installed two giant screens inside the square. In them, audiovisual information will be shown, appropriate to the show that the venue hosts at that time.

-Pulled apart: The space in which the cattle raffle will be held every noon has also been undertaken. An event with deep roots in the Basque capital, which draws hundreds of people to the corrals of the bullring. Thus, The terrace has been covered with a modern cover.

-Bullfighting Museum: Complex remodeling, with redesign of the same in various areas.

-New infrastructures: one has been created Press room, and the born Joyful View Room, meeting point for visitors, which converts the old bullring dining room into an avant-garde hospitality space.