This is how “As it Was” by Harry Styles would sound, with Latin rhythm and in Spanish

  • A tiktoker recreates “As it Was”, by the British Harry Styles, and performs it in a “Chuntaro Styles” version.

  • His video already has more than two million views and a large number of comments applauding his work.

  • “As it Was” is one of the most viral songs today, as several content creators use it in their own videos.

With Latin rhythm and in Spanish, this is how they recreated “As it Was”, by Harry Stylesone of the most popular songs of the moment.

again, TikTok is once again the social network through which a video has gone viral thanks to the great interaction that has arisen among Internet users.

And it is that, the video in question shows the British song that, in addition, has become very popular on TikTok, but in a Latin version, which, to tell the truth, has caused a great sensation among the fans of the One Direction member .

We are talking about the most listened to song from Harry Styles’ latest album, which, so far, has more than 690 million streams on Spotify alone, while the official video on YouTube already has some 172 million views.

Equally, Styles has more than 62 million monthly listeners on Spotify and two of his songs even exceed one billion views on the Stockholm platform, so it is not surprising that content creators rely on the popularity of the singer to develop some ideas.

As if this were not enough, several content creators, both from TikTok and Instagram, use the song as part of their videos and, in the same way, as a strategy to place themselves in trends, since Harry Styles is, right now, one of the most relevant musicians in the music industry.

This is what Harry Styles’ “As it Was” sounds like in Spanish

It is therefore not surprising that a user on TikTok who is dedicated to recreating songs in English translated into Spanish and with a Latin rhythm uses “As it Was”, by Harry Styles, to gain a little more presence and, in fact, , it has worked.

His name in the social network is The Huey Coyote, a tiktoker that has just over 238 thousand followers and an accumulated 2.3 million likes among all its contents.

In his most recent video, the musician recreates “As it Was”, but with a more Latin rhythm and, above all, sung in Spanish. The response has not been long in coming and, at the moment, the clip has more than two million views.


Harry “Chúntaro” Styles??? #music #song #latam #asitwas @hshq @sonymusic

? original sound – The HueyCoyote

“I use the full version”; “I can’t listen to it any other way”; “Sounds like what Cumbia Kings would be”; “It can not be more epic”; “I need to have it on Spotify and Apple Music but already!”; “Oh, I declare myself your fan”; These are some of the reactions of Internet users when listening to the version “Chuntaro Styles” of the Harry Styles theme.

On a previous occasion, another tiktoker shared the same song, “As it Was”, but in a northern version, which also won the applause of several netizens for the inventiveness of the tiktoer.

TikTok has been characterized for being, at present, a viral social network, since, in some way, its platform allows it: a site where short videos are uploaded that, thanks to its enormous reach, is capable of reaching a audience numbering in the millions.

Today, content creators have a huge window through which to reach all kinds of audiences.

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