“This afternoon I saw rain”: Armando Manzanero’s song inspired by “a state of absolute solitude”

“This afternoon I saw rain”: Armando Manzanero’s song inspired by “a state of absolute solitude”. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Armando Manzanero was one of the composers who gave the Mexican music dozens of songs that last to this day, such is the case of “This afternoon I saw it rain”, a theme that emerged as a sign of loneliness, according to the musician himself, who died on December 28, 2020 after days hospitalized for COVID-19. Unotv.com tells you the song history.

“A state of absolute solitude”: the origin of Manzanero’s song

The famous, who composed themes for various Artists, as Luis Miguel, who long ago defended the native of Yucatan in full interview, revealed what was in october when the idea of ​​the song that has been performed by celebrities of all kinds, such as “Presuntos implicados” and Maldita Vecindad, arose.

“I went to El Dorado (a restaurant), but October was not the rainy season, so when I already ordered something to eat, it started to rain and everyone ran to take cover because they didn’t have an umbrella. So, that’s where the idea came from ‘this afternoon I saw it rain, I saw people running and you weren’t there’”.

Armand Manzanero.

During an interview, the famous composer and singer He highlighted how beautiful it is to see rain, as long as you are accompanied; However, that October afternoon, apple tree he was alone, so he described the famous subject as “a state of absolute solitude”

“Because seeing rain is very beautiful, it is beautiful, I think it is the most beautiful meteor, so necessary for life, but when you see rain and you are sitting with someone and you are having a coffee or eating the rain, it tastes different than when you are alone. This afternoon I saw it rain, it is a state of absolute and total solitude”

Armando Manzanero

Why was Armando Manzanero alone?

The famous, whose death mourned the world of music, recalled what hard what was he start of his careerand since, to get ahead, he had several jobs, so it was difficult to live with your family. the day he was born “This afternoon I saw it rain” tried to spend time with his belovedbut did not succeed.

“I worked in a publishing house, a job. I worked making arrangements, another job. And he played at night, another job. That day of “This afternoon I saw it rain”, which was October, they pay me everywhere, so I had money. I called my house to see if we could go for a walk before she went to work at night, they told me: “Mrs. María Elena has already gone to the movies with the children””.

Armando Manzanero

In your attempts to spend time with a loved one, Armando Manzanero he also spoke with a famous figure in the music industry; however, she did not have the answer I expected.

“I spoke to Alfonso García and the secretary told me ‘Don Alfonso went to eat with José Alfredo Jiménez, because he went to renew his contract and when they eat they don’t come back soon’”.

Armando Manzanero

Lastly, the composer He remembered that he spoke with his mother and, although he did not refuse to receive him, he did put a condition.

“I spoke to my mother and she told me ‘if you want to come, bring a couple of fried eggs, but the truth is that today I didn’t cook because your father went out today to give guitar lessons and he doesn’t come to eat'”.

Armando Manzanero

The loneliness who lived the composer of innumerable themes inspired him to release the song “This afternoon I saw rain.”

What does the song say?

The theme, which was launched in 1967, with the disc “To my love with love”, reflects the absence of a loved one and, with pain, regret that they cannot be together and even questions the love they feel for him.

“This afternoon I saw it rain, I saw people run

and you were not

I saw autumn arrive, I heard the sea sing

and you were not

I don’t know how much you love me

If you miss me or cheat on me

I only know that I saw it rain, I saw people run

And you weren’t there”