The tremendous Amazon Prime Video thriller that will catch you until the end

An essential plan for a weekend: popcorn, your favorite drink and a great thriller to keep you on the edge of the armchair all the time. For that we will leave you the indicated film, one that will be worth it and you will save all that time that one spends thinking about what may be the best option.

Amazon Prime Video, one of the best platforms available, offers us within its catalog this unmissable film. We refer to A masterpiecemovie directed by Giuseppe Capotondi (The Double Hour) and starring Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki and nothing less than Mick jaggerthe singer of the Rolling Stones. In this film, James Figueras (Bang) is an art critic who falls in love with an American tourist, Bereice Hollis (Debicki). The couple embarks on a trip to a heavenly lake to visit an art collector. Once they arrive, they will discover that Cassidy (Jagger) he is not just a collector: he is actually the patron of Jerome Debney (Donald Sutherlands). Cassidy proposes to them to steal in any way the most precious work of the particular and lonely Debney.