the travel agency closes, mocked hundreds of families in the Neapolitan area

Three hundred families had paid for holidays, honeymoons and weekend packages between June and August, but there is no trace of their reservations. Dozens of complaints are flooding the “7D Travel”, an agency in via Madonna delle Grazie in Gragnano with over 50 thousand followers on social networks. Managed by Daniela and Antonio, a 35-year-old couple of Castellammare di Stabia, the 7D was for years a guarantee on the travel market in Italy and abroad, from Sardinia to Dubai, from Disneyland to Sharm el-Sheikh. But above all with experience regarding the favorite destinations of young people in Greece and also in Albania, of which the two owners define themselves as “specialists”.

For three days, however, there have been queues of customers waiting outside the agency. But the shutter does not go up. There are those who have paid only a deposit of 200 euros, those who have paid the full amount of 10 thousand euros for the honeymoon, and those who only had to collect the tickets. Many – from Naples, Cercola, Castellammare, Giugliano and Gragnano itself – have already filed a complaint. “I had to take my children to Disneyland on 2 June, but only at the airport did I discover that the flight had never been booked »complains a customer. There are those who had booked in vain Dubai at Easter – without ever getting a refund – and then Sharm el-Sheikh for the summer, paying over three thousand euros. A group of Giugliano found themselves without tickets for Mykonos. The Torre Annunziata prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the case, which the carabinieri of the Gragnano station are investigating. Also yesterday afternoon there was a line of cars parked outside the agency with customers on board who had booked their trips and waited in vain for the tickets to be collected. A case very similar to that of Trecase, which took place at Christmas 2019 and culminated with the start of the trial in recent weeks.

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Alongside the complaints of many tourists there is Cesare Foà, president of Advunite-Aidit Campania Federturismo who reports at least 30 families who – despite having paid the full fee – have not found their tickets for Disneyland Paris. Federturismo on 10 May had already denounced the anomaly of the sale by this tour operator of the Lattari Mountains of packages for Eurodisney at 1200 euros compared to the 2000/2200 that agencies usually offer. A super discount which had acted as a red herring, attracting customers from all over. Foà speaks of a pseudo-agency, because that of the two Gragnanesi does not appear to have the qualifications to be active. “Our association on May 10 had warned the Eurodisney company that this agency was selling off packages for that destination, but we were told that the agency was in good standing, it had never given us any problems and that we shouldn’t worry.”

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One of the families who were victims of the scam told Federturismo that they had bought another package from another agency, to satisfy the crying children: she left yesterday and will return on Monday. «Some families – continues Foà – have had to pay triple the sum to leave and in any case have a limited package. Now we need to understand what will happen. If the agency has the Guarantee fund, and therefore it is in compliance with all the authorizations, customers will be able to get their money back, otherwise we are facing yet another scam. In our agencies we have had the testimony of families with children who were crying for having missed the visit to the Park, but what else did we have to do but request more checks? We wonder why Eurodisney did not intervene after our report. Our lawyers will support the families – concludes Foà – and we as an association will ask for damages ».