The story of Andrea, the femicide that they relate to Bad Bunny’s last song

Although there are those who cross out the music of bad bunny frivolous, as León Larregui, from Zoé, did, by assuring that his songs were nothing more than “disposable garbage” and “rehashed ignorance”, there are some songs by the rapper that give goosebumps. We refer to “Andrea”, a composition that has been related to the femicide that outraged all of Puerto Rico, but was it really dedicated to this case?

“Andrea” is one of the songs that are part of the Puerto Rican’s most recent album, “A summer without you.” Of the 23 songs that make up the production of indie pop and reggaeton, this song stands out, as it was widely said that it was written for Andrea Ruíz Costa, a victim of femicide, after her ex-partner ended her life.

Critics have called this song one of the most significant of “A summer without you”, which had the collaboration of Buscabulla, a duo formed by Puerto Ricans Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo del Valle, who spoke more about the history of the topic on their social networks: “This is for all the women of this complex and beautiful Caribbean island.”

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This is Andrea’s story

Andrea Ruíz Costa, victim of femicide. Photo: The Nation / GDA

This is how the musician’s followers fed those who at first were only suspicious, the song was dedicated to Ruíz Costa, a 35-year-old girl, murdered in April of last year. Andrea’s case moved all of Puerto Rico, because a month before the femicide was perpetuated, she requested a restraining order against her ex-partner Miguel Ángel Ocasio Santiago, for domestic violence, which was not granted.

According to a judge from the region (Sonya Nieves), the order could not proceed, not without first hearing Ocasio Santiago’s version. A month later, on April 29, Andrea’s charred body was found in Cayey, in central Puerto Rico, by a garbage collector.

But before the murder, Andrea lived through hell during her relationship with Miguel Ángel, as judge Ingrid Alvarado Rodríguez, a 40-year-old man who worked as a security guard, told judge. The couple was together for eight months, worse after ending the relationship, Ruíz Costa’s ex-partner followed her to her work, waited for her outside her home, and threatened to upload intimate photographs that she had taken from Ruíz Costa’s cell phone. Andrea.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences of the region determined that, in effect, it was the body of the young woman. The next day, Ocasio Santiago was arrested and admitted to a prison in the municipality of Bayamón, for first-degree murder, destruction of evidence and rape, since it was impossible for him to pay a million-dollar bail, which allowed him to wait for the resolution. of the case released.

Bad Bunny clarifies the suspicions

However, the musician has already replied to the suspicions of his fans and hinted that the song was not dedicated to Andrea’s case. The statements were made in an interview with Chente Ydrach, a Puerto Rican comedian, who questioned Bad Bunny about the origin of the song, for which the 28-year-old rapper assured that, in reality, the song spoke of a person who today still alive.

“In part I like the idea that people choose the songs and give them their meaning, but sometimes the way they do it with such certainty is a little dangerous because if you listen to the song it is about a person who is fortunately alive. yet”.

Instead, Bad Bunny was a little upset with the story that was generated, because even Andrea’s family was involved. “It shocked me that people affirmed it as if it is so because that subject is delicate, you bastard, it respects a little what I know… Playing like that with the feelings of relatives,” he said.

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