The search: “Ideal holiday cruise for the desire for normality, rest and fun”

Liguria. In these days there are 22 million people in Italy who are wondering about the modalities and the destination of their summer holidays. Another 10 million have already decided and a further group of just over three million people say they don’t have to make any decisions as they always go to the same place.

These are some of the indications that come from one recent research commissioned by Costa Cruises to Human Highway and conducted on a sample of 1,082 Italians of age. There summer vacation it is synonymous with rest (40%), sea and beach (41% and 29% respectively), fun and outdoor life (both 21%). In addition to relaxation, also described as “doing nothing” and appreciated by 40% of Italians, the ingredients of an ideal holiday include good food (for 48% of the interviewees), visits to places of artistic and cultural significance (38%), the right balance between socializing and retreat in tranquility (37%), to be modulated according to the needs of the moment, and the all-inclusive model (36%), which allows you to live your days without worries.

To the main ones ingredients of the ideal holiday followed by a series of accessory elements, singularly less felt than the previous ones: meeting new people, more felt among men than women; being able to invite other people on the trip or stay, more requested by young people under 35; discover a different place every day; and, finally, having a service that proposes and organizes everyday activities, an option more appreciated by older people. These secondary aspects of the holiday, when analyzed as a whole, assume greater importance, because they affect 60% of the total sample of the research.

In a second moment it was pointed out to the interviewees, equal to a potential of about 10 million Italians, that the mix of ingredients they reported as ideal for your vacation is satisfied by a cruise. To this statement, the most frequent reaction was curiosity (46%), followed by surprise (sometimes disbelief) for 22% of the interviewees. Only one in ten individuals said they already know, indicating that they are aware that the cruise is the ideal vacation for themselves. The incidence of these cases is more than double among those who declare that they have already had a cruise experience and confirm their satisfaction with this holiday format.

People who consider the idea of ​​making one cruise in the next 12 months are about 4 million and they see in the experience the possibility of “unplugging” from the daily routine, living the dimension of travel and discovery and, finally, spending days in a fascinating place, confident that they will experience emotions that they will remember for a long time.

Some current issues are holding back the planning of holidays and the allocation of an adequate budget. More than Covid and the war in Ukraine, which are strong inhibitors of holidays for 20% of the population, it is the fear of a recession (27%) and the fear of inflation (41%) that slow down the planning of Italians. It is likely that these considerations may explain the fact that 45% of respondents have not yet defined a specific project and that 25% question the holiday itself for this summer.

The situation found among Italians is the worst compared to the other countries analyzed in the research: the incidence of Italians who question their summer vacation is higher than that of Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Conversely, the share of the population that has already decided on their holidays is lower in Italy than in all the other five countries where the survey was carried out.

In Italy, the desire to return to normal life, as in the pre-Covid era, is as widespread as in other countries and stimulates the desire for a vacation. However, the fear of recession and inflation measured among Italians is the highest of the six countries examined. This, however, does not extinguish the dream of one cruise among the citizens of our country: 4 million people express the desire to go on a cruise in the next twelve months, with a double incidence compared to that recorded in Spain and France. The segment of Italians more inclined to cruise shows a slight female prevalence and is particularly concentrated in the 35 to 44 age group.