The new chapter of One Punch Man exceeds all its limits


Looks like Murata did it again…

The last chapter of One-Punch Man includes a beautifully animated page, proving that Yusuke Murata is using the digital format to innovate manga art. This work by author One began as an online work and his current artist seeks to use this medium to bring the manga to life in a unique way with his latest art.

One-Punch Man fans must have been surprised reading the recently released chapter 165, when they got to page 11 and they found a fantastic full color animated page. The scene represents a spectacular moment in the fight between Saitama and Garou. Garou’s last attack, “Nuclear Fission”, created a large cloud, and the giant shadows of the two fighters appeared and disappeared within the smoke, created by lightning flickering in the background. Meanwhile, the silhouettes of the other heroes watch the spectacle in the sky, as amazed as the readers must be. Below is a still image of the page, and the animated version can be found on the Tonari no Young Jump website.

This is not the first time Murata has incorporated animation into his One-Punch Man work. A few years ago, animated a panel showing Genos, the hero called Demon Cyborg, and Saitama’s “apprentice”, trying to prevent a meteor from crashing into Earth (which you can find here). Murata actually digitally colorized that entire chapter, making it an amazing piece of art that stands out from the rest of the manga. However, the animation used for chapter 165 is on a completely different scale. It just shows how much Murata is willing to experiment with the new opportunities that digital technologies bring. Murata is, in fact, also a skilled animator, as evidenced by his self-made One-Punch Man animated shorts.

Yusuke Murata is recognized as one of the best manga artists of his generation. His style has been praised by fans and critics alike, but what really sets him apart is his ability to innovate and push the boundaries of his art. Sadly, the animations he uses to highlight some of One-Punch Man’s best moments cannot be translated into the print version of the manga, which makes us wonder if this art form will go entirely digital in the future. For now, One-Punch Man fans are happy to appreciate Yusuke Murata’s art in whatever form it comes.

Yusuke Murata takes One-Punch Man to a new level

The latest chapter of One-Punch Man showed that the artist behind the hit manga, Yusuke Murata, is a visionary creator who is helping the medium evolve into the future. Quite simply, Murata is taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by One-Punch Man’s digital format, using animation and color to take manga art to a level fans have never seen before. This shows the commitment that this artist has had with this work after One, the original author, agreed to work alongside him to take this incredible manga to new limits.

The current version of One-Punch Man is the adaptation of the original webcomic written and penciled by Mob Psycho 100’s One. Yusuke Murata, the artist behind the popular Eyeshield 21 series, was impressed by the successful webcomic and asked One to help adapt it into a new format. One’s art style is very rough and sketchy, so Murata’s contribution made One-Punch Man much more visually appealing, ushering in an era of worldwide success for the manga, which began serialization in Tonari no Young Jump, Shueisha’s digital magazine. The collected chapters are then released in the classic print tankobon format, but the digital format gave Murata the opportunity to experiment not only with colors, but also with animation. Hopefully soon see how they adapt this to other media.

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