The nail culture hub in Guatemala that you will want to know

Getting out of the conventional and betting on true works of nail art, that is what Galatea is betting on, a new nail culture hub that opened its doors in the city.

Fashion trends are constantly changing and nails have become an essential part of any outfits. Whether through colors or designs, nails are undoubtedly an extension of personality and the perfect space to let creativity flow.

Around the world they are becoming more and more famous nail culture hubs, cultural spaces that focus on celebrating sculpture and nail art. Under this premise was born Galateaa new place in Guatemala City that seeks to become the best ally of those who want to make their most extravagant ideas come true and carry true works of art in their hands.

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About the Nail Culture Hub: Galatea

“Galatea is born from the constant search for the ideal of individual beauty. Galatea was, in Greek mythology, a character carved by Pygmalion, a king. For a long time Pygmalion searched for her ideal partner, until he decided to sculpt her himself and named her Galatea. At Galatea we are also in a constant search to design and create the ideal for each client”, explain Daniela Guzmán and Gabriela Cruz, founders of Galatea.

In this nail culture hub Guatemalans will be able to access traditional services such as acrylics or semi-permanent gel and also opt for new techniques such as gel to build and sculpt nails of any shape and/or size. Here there is literally plenty of nail art and any idea can come true.

Dipping, polygel, builder gel, acrylic, sculptural and encapsulated are some of the services. In addition, in Galatea there are an infinity of colors, textures, gems, stickers, crystals and stones to let the imagination flow. As part of the service, Galatea offers personalized advice to find the design, shape and color that best suits the shape of the hands and the personality of each person and has a trained staff to work with the different types of techniques.

Galatea is located in AEME building at 10 avenue, 11-95 of zone 14. For more information you can consult their social media like @porgalatea.

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Nail trends for this 2022

This year is marked by nail trends such as textures, mixed prints, 3D applications and encapsulations. Metallics and vibrant colors will be very present, as well as drawings, prints, geometric games and flowers.

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