The moving story of the father of the Santa Fe Klan: he was a mailman in Guanajuato

Guanajuato-. Ricardo Quezada dad of the rapper Angel Quezadabetter known as Santa Fe Klanworked as postman in the streets of Guanajuato. The neighbours They remember him driving his motorcyclist loaded with cards ready to distribute to your recipientsbefore the composer rose to fame.

From left to right the parents of Santa Fe Klanhis sister and his girlfriend maya nazar

Mrs Marcelaa resident of the Santa Fe neighborhood, tells the broken chair that the father of Santa Fe Klan It was him postman of the area. “They told him Don Jaimitosays another neighbourwho remembers his noble job.

Don Jaimito“, as they called him, he took his motorcycle every day and delivered the cards. The neighbours They already identified him, they even believed that this was his name, but in reality it was the nickname he took, alluding to the character of Chavo del 8.

The job de Ricardo never prevented him from accompanying his son in his musical struggle. In an interview with the comedian Franco Escamilla in “From the hill of La Silla”, the rapper Guanajuato confessed that his father helped him create his first recording studio austerely, but the lack of resources never stopped his dreams.

The recording studio that his dad helped him build was improvised with curtains.

“At first I had it with only curtains and then I had the studio on the roof of my house because they were building, I managed up there. Later my boss made this studio for me in my room, he helped me, and that’s where we recorded the first songs”, said Santa Fe Klan in the interview for Franco Escamilla.

His father was also the first to give him a microphone. Their dudeZiko“He told this medium that buying this device was one of the motivations for the rapper start recording songs. In fact, the first one who approached was with Ziko“, who now has 31 years and he was the one who approached him musical genre.

Ángel’s family no longer lives in the Santa Fe neighborhood, a few years ago they moved to a house in the south of Guanajuato capital, say the neighbours.

Facade of the house where he grew up Santa Fe Klanwhere he now built a clothing store (Photo: the broken chair)


Angel Jair Quezada Jassoof 22 yearsbegan rapping at the age of 11, when he knocked on the door of his dudeZiko” with the intention of taking the microphone and singing. The first song that they recorded in 2013 It is title “Caile pa’l neighborhoodwas stored in sound cloudthe music platform that became popular back then.

The rapper gained so much popularity for his particular voice and the lyrics of his songs, in which he highlighted life in the streetsthe violence and the drugs. Thus, she conquered the ears of thousands of teenagers, talking about her reality.

To the 16 years, Angel Quezada signed a contract with the record label Alzada Filmswhich strengthens the position of the hip hop since Guadalajara for all Mexico.

Neighbours walk through the Santa Fe neighborhood, on the shores of Guanajuato capital (Photo: the broken chair)

The phenomenon of Santa Fe Klan It has been reflected in the thousands of people who attend his presentations, such as the wave that he caused in his concert at the León Fair 2022, where more than 20 thousand young people who jumped the fences in order to see the interpreter of “come back Maria“.

Recently Santa Fe Klan was nominated in three categories of the Awards MTV MIAW 2022: Artist +Chingon Mexico, Artist in sight and video of the year. The rapper has 9.14 million subscribers and 7.7 million followers on Instagram, recently that he will become the father of the baby of the influencer maya nazar.

The rapper has shown his family with a particular simplicity that has called the attention of his fans. From recording in a curtained-off studio to hitting the stages of USAthis has been the artistic leap of the Guanajuatoin which their parents have always been present.