the journey through the price increases of the summer

It had to be the year of the boom, of the pandemic finally behind us, of the desire to travel. It had to be all this also for the vacationers of Friuli Venezia Giulia, ready to pick up their suitcases and fly, drive, sit on board a train after two years of fears, uncertainties, sacrifices. Instead, the summer of crazy costs came out, three-figure increases even for a single holiday weekend in Italy. Let alone to fly to another continent. And between a rock and a hard place they ended up again: not only the citizens, but the travel agents who were waiting for the great recovery and who instead find themselves faced with a broken promise.


A hotel room? It is not possible to spend less than one hundred euros per night. And we are talking about the less demanding structures, from three stars downwards. This is a valid concept also in Lignano and Grado, the two main tourist centers of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Indeed, for the first weekend of July in Lignano even a three-star hotel costs no less than 250 euros for a single night. All of course per person, because we are talking about a double room. The total cost, in fact, is 500 euros for one night. The price increases compared to last year are dizzying and are only partly explained by the energy and labor crisis. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The holidays of the Friulians, in fact, can already be said to be abundantly ruined. Concept valid at least for “normal” citizens, with average economic resources. Low-income households, in fact, run the risk of not being able to leave, while on the other hand, luxury knows no crisis.


The travel agents of the provinces of Pordenone and Udine photograph the umpteenth moment of difficulty in the tourism sector. The snapshot tells us that the resumption of the desire to travel in Friuli Venezia Giulia can be felt, but at the same time that the costs are frightening. And they undermine the results of the expected boom. «The increase in prices scares the traveler – explain from the Lucangeli agency in Pordenone -. It is true that he has resumed work, but currently it is impossible to return to the levels and volumes of 2019. The only sector that has really recovered is that of honeymoons. These are so-called medium-high spending customers, who allow themselves two weeks even in distant places ». But honeymooners haven’t always made up an entire industry. These are sporadic cases when compared to the summer flow of travelers. What is missing, then? What do the crazy prices of summer 2022 affect the most? «Those who waited for the end of the pandemic to travel to distant places, that is to other continents – travel agents always explain – will do the same. What is really missing is the traveler for a week ». So, for example, even the classic family (father, mother, a child) that in July or August left for vacation in Italy or at most in Europe. These are the “customers” chosen victims of the increase in costs. And for the sector it is the real blow. “Spain, Greece, even trips within our country: this is what we are missing at the moment – travel agents always report -. We have the costs on hand and they have practically doubled ».


An example is really scary. It concerns rental cars, essential if you arrive by plane for example in Sicily or Sardinia, but also in Spain for a tour of the coast. «For a week – report from the agencies of Udine and Pordenone – we do not go below one thousand euros. And we are talking about the smaller car with less performance and load capacity ». In short, a small car. “It’s a bloodbath,” is the laconic comment. And the planes? Don’t even talk about it. Just try to connect to one of the most popular flight search portals. Throughout the summer, offers have practically disappeared from Venice, Treviso or Trieste. We fly at double prices compared to last summer. «Understanding the increase in costs – explain from the Dri agency in Udine – is quite simple: the room that you sold last year for 80 euros, today you cannot provide it for less than 100 euros. Everything has increased: from electricity to gas, to catering services. Hotels are understaffed and have fewer rooms available, airlines fly less and have fewer seats to offer at discounted rates. The demand has started again, but the offer is facing a new crisis ». And for families it is a blow of at least 500 euros more than a year ago.