The Google Chrome trick to navigate between MoMA paintings | Step by step, how to install the extension

The Museum of Modern Art in New York, better known as the MoMAreleased a new tool for Google Chrome users can surf the internet between pictures of art. With each new tab, a recognized production sprouts in a large size with the possibility of inquiring more about its creation and author.

“Explore MoMA’s collection of modern and contemporary art right from your browser. Discover new and iconic works of art from the Museum of Modern Art every time i open a new tab in chrome”, says the description of the extension.

And he explains that while using the extension, in each new Chrome tab, “you will see a different piece of art from our collection, ranging from ‘The Starry Night’ of Vincent van Gogh to ‘Untitled’ (Perfect Lovers)” by Felix Gonzalez-Torres”.

To get more information, just do click on the artwork image or its description for details.

The history of MoMA

MoMa owes its origin to a series of numerous donations from members of the art world and business. There are those who consider it one of the most important museums for impressionist and surrealist art.

Among the MoMa galleries are some of the most important collections of photography, graphic design, architecture and industrial design.

Among some of the works that are housed in the American museum are The starry Nightof Van Gogh; You aa no areoisof Paul Gauguin; The Avignon ladiesof Pablo Picasso; Y The Hunter – Catalan Landscapeof Joan Miroamong many other great works.

Among the works, there are some very contemporary ones, such as simulations by American Ian Cheng, who manipulated existing video game technology using algorithms to create unique visualizations.

And also some that are two decades old, like Carleton Watkins’ early 19th century photographs. There are also tabs with protagonists from other parts of the world, such as the Brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral, the Congolese Moké, the Cuban Wifredo Lam, or the Spanish Remedios Varo, among others.

Of course, the classics also say present and in the blink of an eye they can interrupt works by authors such as the greatest exponent of surrealism Salvador Dalí or Pop Art, such as Andy Warhol. Going through Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Step by step, how to install the extension

  1. Login to google chrome store. It can be done at the following link.

  2. In the search engine, top left, write “MoMA” and hit search.

  3. Select extension “New Tab with MoMA”. It is the one with the image of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the background.

  4. At the top right select “Install”.

  5. Done, with each new tab a box of the MoMA sample will open.

To uninstall the add-on, simply follow the same route and select “Uninstall” on the extension button.