The exquisite sketches of the artist Iván Tovar

It is with great pleasure that we write, fascinated by an exhibition that is presented for the first time in the country, and not only because its author is Ivan Tovarexception in the dominican artbut rather, that we believe the revelation of this category of works is the first.

Probably no one had done so many, of comparable singularity, refinement, richness, nor had the artist’s family presented them, here through the Ivan Tovar Foundationled by Daniela, her daughter.

And more charm emerges from the title, as simple as it is authentic and fervent: “Family Sketches”.

An event, also a scoop -unfortunate-, that should be mentioned, although it does not influence the desire to write.

“He disappeared” – this is how they announce it – one of the exposed sketches… Mystery, misfortune, theft of an original work for the first time here. We believe that it has its origin in the lack of institutional protection and security of the exposed pieces.

I hope he recovers, above all, because of the pain he causes everyone, and when an extraordinary exhibition and exhibition show is held in a way never seen in Santo Domingo: “The living Surrealism of Iván Tovar”by the way, very close to the Museum of the Royal Houses, in the Plaza de España…

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Iván Tovar’s sketches

We do not consider it necessary to define a “sketch”. It has been shown that the term is within the reach of any screen, proposing different modalities, present in this exhibition: sketches, sketches or sketches.

What seems fundamental to us is that it is a dense and very diverse exhibition, a repertoire of forms that Iván Tovar outlined, freely, spontaneously and even compulsively…

But, in his mind always active and restless, the virtuoso pencil on paper he was already projecting his future dream machines, drawing construction lines, inventing angles, elaborating webs and nooks and crannies.

The drawings would become sublime paintings, making color sing and bringing the oil to a disturbing perfection.

Many sketches meant (in the sense of pointing signs) “preparatory studies” of great pictures, and we often recognize them. Others were pure play of the hand, of the imagination, of that unmistakable laugh of Iván Tovar…

This primordial language, so unique, gives us, in each hanging sheet, a delight, immediately reiterated by the next, above, below, laterally.

‘Tovarian’ magic reigns, in a different and faithful way, instantaneous, fickle, irreverent, infinite, light, sometimes almost immaterial.

That’s how they are and they seduce, hundreds of small and unusual treasures – almost a thousand – owned by Iván Tovar’s family. Space does not allow us to add words…

Much more important is that you enjoy this extraordinary exhibition, with the luck of taking advantage, sooner or later, of a visit to the Book Fair.