The details of Corona Capital 2022

We are about five months away from the 2022 edition of Corona Capital. But the excitement and expectations are so high that it seems it will already be held next weekend. It’s been crazy between the reveal of the poster, but especially with the ticket sales!

If you were signed up to go, you surely know what we are talking about. The same week as the reveal of the line up with headliners like My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys and Miley Cyrus, the first presale was given where practically they blew the fertilizers in the first phases.

Last Monday, June 13, the “second” preventwhere the same thing happened: the subscriptions ended, leaving, apparently, few options for those who were waiting their turn at the general sale.

And now, the situation is somewhat confusing, especially starting on Wednesday, June 15, when the general sale will open. The question that everyone has is: will there be subscription and phase options for this stage of the sale or are there only options to buy per day?

As well. Here at we talk with Armando Calvillo, Marketing Director at Ocesaso that he will tell us about the process to put together the poster, the scenarios, some details of this edition and yes… the million dollar question: What will be available in general sale for Corona Capital 2022?

Photo: Crown Capital

blanket sale

Will there be subscriptions? The answer is yes. This Wednesday, June 14, at 11 am, the general sale will open to purchase tickets for Corona Capital 2022. Calvillo told us that all modalities will be available. But beware, because availability is limited in most options.

Namely, if you want to buy a 3-day general pass, availability is reduced, but tickets are still available. The same happens to buy individual passes in general for each of the days. We know that it becomes quite a stressful and even frustrating process between waiting and availability. But as long as they’re in the shot, they still reach their tickets.

Prices and more: This is what you should know about Corona Capital 2022
Photo: Corona Capital

Why 3 days?

One of the biggest surprises of this edition of Corona Capital is that it raises the stakes with three days. This is important, because despite the fact that the festival was already competing at an international level, this only enhances its reach. In addition, this year’s line up cried out for it to be extended (remember that this weekend is bridge).

At the time of working on the poster and the proposals, they realized that they would not fit in just two days, so they extended it to three. However. Will it stay forever? We do not know that, but surely this edition will be a rehearsal, and considering the madness with ticket sales, it is most likely that it will work this way now. Did you like the idea of ​​three days?

Prices and more: This is what you should know about Corona Capital 2022
Photo: Crown Capital

five scenarios

Since a couple of editions, Corona Capital distributes its artists among five stages distributed in the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. This year is no exception, and there will be five scenarios that remain in the same formats as previous years.

The only thing is that some will change places and names. However, we will have the two big stages (of always) for the headliners, and three more for the different proposals that complete the poster. The scenario names that are added are Vans or Rifada water.

Photo: Lulu Urdapilleta

The construction of the line-up

Calvillo told us how they were putting together this spectacular poster for Corona Capital 2022. And he exclusively revealed to us which were the most complicated artists to accommodate the dates and give the definitive yes. For example, Miley Cyrus was somewhat “complicated”. The thing is that by the end of 2022, she was not participating in festivalsso it did not seem like a viable option for him to come to Mexico.

But they managed to accommodate her and make a space for her, remaining as the headliner for Sunday, November 20. Another of the bands that were in limbo was My Chemical Romance. We know that this 2022 has marked his return with a lot of dates in several countries, but ours was pending. Between the accommodation with the agenda and other details, they managed to incorporate them as head for Friday the 18th.

My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Miley Cyrus on the Corona Capital 2022 poster!