The Day: Sound route


for some maybe it was already out of the fashion spotlight, but musically still quite whole, returns from her retirement in which she went to the Alps to start a family, the French singer-songwriter and producer Melody Prochet, better known as Melody’s Echo Chamber, recognized since her appearance in 2012 with an album homonymous produced by his partner at the time, Kevin Parker, leader of Tame Impala. Her vaporous voice and her kaleidoscopic music drew global attention. For her second album, after breaking up with Parker, she went to Sweden to record with Reine Fiske and Gustav Eistes, from the great band Dungen and Fredrik Swahn, from The Amazing, great for cosmic sounds; the result was Good Voyage (2018), a dreamlike journey inside Prochet; a combination of chaos and angst with sweetness and buoyancy; rhythmically capricious, full of fantasy sounds, experimental at times, ambient at others, with occasional howls expressing tension, without abandoning its pop references to the 60s with 80s synthesizers (review Sonora Route: undoubtedly a high moment, artistically speaking. However, the critics were not benevolent and received a low mass reception, despite its brilliance, perhaps because it was not very commercial. Hence, he retired for a while to meditate on things.

Full of spirit, love and new motherhood, Melody left behind the labyrinths and demons poured into Good Voyageand returned with the clarity of an album full of classic references to the song French, especially to the disc L’Histoire de Melody Nelson (1971) by Serge Gainsbourg (so many times helped by artists like Air or Beck), whose piano and string arrangements are widely emulated in this third deck, Emotional Eternal (Domino, 2022), in which he teamed up again with the Swedish Fiske and Swahn. However, the elements that he takes up are not a decal but quotes with which he puts together something else, with his delicate voice, surrounded by great basses. groove, psychedelic drums, discreet but sharp electric guitars, a thousand synthesizers and spectacular string ensembles, almost cinematographic. The album is less intricate than the previous one but not easy either: less ghostly songs, exquisite melodies, arabesque accents. The mood ceases to be one of anxiety (which on the previous album was a virtue) to now be luminous, soft, full of peace and celebration of life, without being cheesy but rather sweet and warm. All a sound spell of vital affirmation, against his previous depressive state. Interesting opposite side of the same spiritual coin, beautiful and expansive.

Eli War. Liber Teran. Ellen Allen. Alexandra Savior. Acardenchado Choir. JP Villa.

Friday 20. 1. Líber Terán and his outlaw song. present the disk Point, of gypsy-folk-country-norteña-punk rhythms. Weaver’s Forum (Álvaro Obregón 86, Rome). 20 hours, $250. 2. From Portland, the smooth synth-pop of STRFKR (Starfucker). present the disk Future Past Life (2020). Highly recommended. Indie Rocks (Zacatecas 39, Rome), 8 p.m., $420. 3. Alexandra Savior, also from Portland, offers a dream-pop with a terse and fragile voice. Sponsored by Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), she presents her second album: The Archer (2020). Border 88, Rome; 19 hours, $850. 4. The producer and diyei German dehouse-tech Ellen Allien, owner of the BPitch Control label, in live act to dance without end. Fünk Club (Insurgentes 377, Condesa), 11 p.m., $880 at 5. Neo-new-wave / dense techno pop, with the Canadians from Metric; present eighth album: Formentera (2022). Young the Giant opens, with one more synth-pop strawberry. Pepsi Center (Dakota s/n, behind the WTC, Naples), 8:00 p.m., $576 to $1,150. 6. Acardenchado Choir. Beautiful vocal montage directed by Juan Pablo Villa, Leika Mochán and María Emilia Martínez, with the show The Thistle in Bloom. City Theater (Donceles 36, Downtown) 20 hours, $180 to $300. 7. The more time passes, the more I miss you: concert in memory of singer-songwriter Roberto González, on his first death anniversary, with Nina Galindo, Julia González and La Juerga, Pedro Sandoval. Alicia (Cuauhtémoc 91-A, Rome), 20 hours, $150.

Saturday 21. 1. The virtuoso guitarist Alejandro Marcovich will revisit classics from different eras, with various guest musicians. Weaver’s Forum (address cited), 7:00 p.m., $400. two. Karaoke with Ely Guerra. The Monterrey native will give her fans the opportunity to sing her hits with her, after registering: [email protected]. La Maraka (Mitla 410, Narvarte), 9 pm, $210 to $2,400. 3. Juan Pablo Villa presents The night opens its jaws , musical-poetic act based on the poetry of Mardonio Carballo; son huasteco with piano, marimbas, synth, electronics, bass, leona guitar. Teatro de la Ciudad (address cited), 7 pm, $180 to $300. 4. Rafael Acosta, pioneer of rock in our language, continues to present his autobiography El Rebelde: Rock & Roll is born in Spanish; dialogue session with the author. Yours truly will select the music. Complimentary drink when buying the book. Ruido Shop (Dr. Lucio 103, Doctores), 5 pm, free admission.

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