tax lawyers among the attesters of the expenses

Contributions to the tourism-hotel sector, the INT asks to include the tax payers among the attesters of the expenses related to the facilitation of the Ministry of Economic Development. The request is disseminated with the press release of August 5, 2022.

Contributions to the tourism-hotel sectorthe National Tax Institute asks to include the category among attestations of expenses.

The request is widespread in the press release of August 5, 2022.

Similarly, the tax authorities had already been included since Ministry of Economic Development among the certifiers for contributions relating to the facilitation for female entrepreneurship.

The same was expected in the case of asset certifications of companies by the Revenue Collection Agency.

Contributions to the tourism-hotel sector, the request of the INT: tax workers included among the attesters of expenses

With the press release of August 5, 2022, the INT spreads the request for the inclusion of tax payers among the attesters of the actual incurred expenses relating to the contributions provided for the tourism-hotel sector.

The president of the INT himself requested it, Riccardo Alemannoby sending a letter to the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia.

Similar situations had already occurred in two several cases.

In the case of contributions for female entrepreneurs, the request was made to PUT.

In the case of company asset certificationson the other hand, the INT requested the same from the Revenue Agency for Collection.

Similar problems, in both cases, had been resolved: the tax advisers had been indicated as the subjects keeping the accounting records of the company, as the professionals who carry out the accounting and who are able to verify data and i accounting movements.

Contributions to the tourism-hotel sector: statements by President Alemanno

The request to be included among the attesters is carried out directly by the president of the INT Riccardo Alemanno.

The president of the INT sent the letter in question:

“Omissis … in order to protect the professionalism of authorized tax intermediaries, it should be noted that they have not been listed among the subjects indicated by the Ministry of Tourism, for the attestation of the effectiveness of the costs incurred, falling within those which gave the right to tax credit from hotel companies. “

The aim is also to allow taxpayers not to have to turn to a third party, with higher costs, but always to the professional who takes care of the accounting and the taxation.

The request, in practice, is reported in the following statements:

“Having read in the press that new funds are foreseen by your Ministry for the companies in the sector, I ask you to include, among the subjects who can certify the actual incurring of expenses, also the authorized tax intermediaries who are holders of accounting records of the company requesting the granting of the tax credit and / or other type of aid. “

Alemanno also points out that similar situations two had already turned up several cases.

The president of the INT has in fact clarified:

“Professionals already authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to carry out similar activities for aid to female entrepreneurs and by the Revenue Agency for the certification of companies’ financial situations.”

Finally, the motivation which leads to the request:

“Inserting the tax officers, as identified above, would not only represent the correction of an unjust exclusion, but also the recognition of the commitment they have made, together with other authorized tax intermediaries, to support businesses, self-employed workers and taxpayers in gender.”

The INT awaits an answer and the realization of one solution of the question.