Sustainable and economic travel 2022 in Italy, abroad

The Guardian drew up one list of sustainable holidays for 2022which could be gods dream trips for those who want to travel this year without too many complications, and putting nature and the discovery of incredible landscapes first of all.

In this list of 22 sustainable holidays ideal for 2022we have selected some to recommend, including pristine beaches, islands that use the energy of the environment and bike rides in nature. Many of these destinations are abroad and close to Italy, and one is also in our country: find out in which Italian region in this article.

Holidays in sustainable and unspoiled Greece, between sandy beaches and ancient treasures

There Greece usually comes overwhelmed by tourists in summer, but always in the usual areas and islands. According to the Guardianthe coast of Epiruswhich extends from under the border with Albania, is beautiful and still free from mass tourism, and can be reached by ship from Italy.

In addition to unspoiled nature on the coast which ensures the Guardiancan recall vegetation of different places, from Brazil to Norway, the coast of Epirus is rich in sandy beachesstill uncrowded.

And when it comes to Greece, history cannot be forgotten. It was recently inaugurated in the Epirus region a archaeological route which includes 5 ancient theaters that have been refurbished and opened to the public. They all have an intriguing story, like the Nikopolis theaterfounded by the emperor Octavian after his victory over Antony and Cleopatra.

Travel to Scotland: Isle of Eigg’s one-of-a-kind sustainability paradise

The Guardian describes the island of Eigg in Scotland as “unique” from the point of view of sustainability. It is in fact the first area in the UK to be fully self-sufficient in terms of renewable energy.

The Isle of Eigg in Scotland has been “disconnected” since 2008, and provides for itself with green systems that exploit solar, hydraulic and wind energy. Thus the island produces energy, sufficient for the approximately 100 residents who live there, and for the 10,000 tourists who live there they visit in the summer. THE landscapes of the island of Eigg they are amazing, as is the view from the hill of An Sgurr: the reporter of the Guardian Pete Irvine, guarantees that, in his opinion, the others islands off the coast of Scotland cannot compete with the natural beauty of Eigg.

The island of Eigg (also in the cover photo of this article), it can be reached in an hour by ferry from Arisaig, on the Scottish coast. Cars and campers, precisely to preserve the sustainable environment built with great passion by the inhabitants, cannot enter theIsle of Eigg. The walks on the island are no longer than a couple of kilometers, and there are still bicycles to rent: if you want, there is also a taxi service.

Bicycle trip for summer 2022 from Germany to the Black Sea

One way a lot sustainable for discover by traveling the less publicized regions of the Germanyis to take the bike, or rent one to travel theEuroVelo 13a path that redesigns the Iron Curtain, or the border line that divided east and west of Germanyand reaches as far as the Black Sea.

The travel route in Germany you can do it by bicycle choosing between two different trails: the first is the Baltic Sea Cycle Routewhich encloses views of the coastal landscapes and zones with beaches such as Usedom and RĂ¼gen.

Otherwise, you can choose for the cycling holidays in Germany the German Border Trailwhich leads through areas no longer inhabited, and which have been transformed into one majestic natural area. For the length of the bike tripdo not worry: you can choose “cuts” of the various routes, says the reporter from Guardian Paul Sullivan, for less experienced and trained cyclists.

Sustainable journeys in Molise from 2022 are made with the vintage train

The saying “Molise does not exist” no longer applies to summer 2022: the region in recent years has been able to assert itself from tourist point of view and enhance his natural and landscape treasures in addition to local food, classic Italian, and for this summer it is starting a retro and fascinating transport service, which invites you to discover Molise without the usual cars.

The correspondent of the Guardian Angela Giuffrida invites you to tour the region with Molise Expressa vintage train that brings travelers from the mountains to the beachesup to the typical villages, thus showing everything the best of Molise for summer 2022.

Also travel prices are sustainable: the day trip in vintage train Molise Expresswhose characteristic wooden interiors date back to the 1920s, leads through the Biferno Valley, stopping in villages such as Casacalenda and Larino, and costs 24 euros.