Summer 2022: ready for vintage holidays? Romagna in the 1970s

No.n talking about the 1960s and with them Versilia, there was mention of the slow dance and the so-called quick dance and the Bussola of Viareggio (Lu) and the Capannina of Forte dei Marmi (Lu) were mentioned. And then it was added that there was and still is, imperishable, a third type of dance: the smooth. And where? But simple: in Romagna.

Goodbye to the carefree years

The carefree 60s gave way to the 70s who began their decade in a scenario that an Italy that was becoming an adult and composite Italy had never experienced so conspicuously and with such a strong and fast propagation effect: social turmoil.

The Student Movementfor the students to express and debate, the Labor movement working conditions in the factory became better and wages increased in order to bring the standard of living beyond the narrow threshold of mere survival.

Summers then became, it is said with hindsight, also moments of opportune narcosis with respect to everyday life made in conflict and surrounded by strikes, street demonstrations, repressions to protect public order. But armies cannot be sent against ideas and therefore the wind of the season of the early 70s (although history has passed the label “the Sixty-nine”) has generated social rearrangements and ideological currents which in fact drew a new social reality. that cheap.


From vacation to vacation

Vacation began to switch to vacation. And the holiday began to be something other than “same beach, same sea” with umbrella and deckchair. She began the nightlife of which she became the protagonist of that same protesting youth. OR tempora, or mores.

The undisputed rise of Romagna

The mass holiday area, interclass in its chromosomes, well prone to gear up for changes, was the Adriatic coast of Romagna.

The hospitality of the people of Romagna made marketing a natural behavior: it was neither taught nor learned. There was. There was; and that’s that.

Umbrellas and deck chairs side by side, in order to facilitate socializing and maximize profits that are reinvested season after season. The boarding house more and more comfortable and gracious, the Christmas wishes and then the postal order as a booking deposit that was repeated year after year.

Summer 2022: ready for vintage holidays?  Romagna in the 1970s

Between dance halls and night clubs

The separations between generations are clear: in the dance halls the adults dance the ballroom dance, those from -anta onwards; in large rooms, noisy by definition, illuminated by the so-called psychedelic lights, youth who was intoxicated with hard rock music but who also knew how to appreciate and privilege the beautiful songs of Italian songwriters. The Genoese school with De Andrè, Lauzi, Paoli. And the two Lucio: Battisti and Dalla.

The smooth with the Raul Casadei orchestra and clubs with suggestive names such as Bandiera Gialla and Baia Imperiale, for the performances of the emerging figure struggling with the turntable benches, with vinyl records: the disk-jockey, the DJ!

Next morning, children and adults on the beach; to sleep young people. So in the seventies.

And a new rebirth from the pandemic

The Riviera Romagnola, after two years of stunning caused by the lockdown, has been able to recover well. It has picked up the signals coming from the new normality and has given itself an indispensable refreshing by virtue of which the presence of families with “beach” offspring does not clash with the presence of those, Italians and foreigners, who want to enjoy considerable comfort in structures that well beyond the imaginary “two and a half stars” of the family-run guesthouses of the 1970s, they are in the style and non-gaudy luxury of the four and five stars.

And in 2022? Perfect Riccione

For the 2022 summer holiday, well aware that the whole month of September is still summer, we choose Riccione. How much vitality Riccione expresses! Beautiful green spaces, comfortable and functional cycle paths, pedestrian areas that keep cars away, hidden in the large underground car parks, Riccione is the green pearl of the Adriatic coast of Romagna.

Riccione Summer 2022: ready for the vintage holidays?  Romagna in the 1970s


And Viale Ceccarini always clean and elegant, always the most beautiful km of Romagna.
Viale Ceccarini and its surrounding Riccione have a very pleasant moment of fruition, better to know from now, even in the middle of autumn, when the torrid heat and the cheering crowds are appreciated for their absence and when the glacial north-east wind not yet raging by lowering temperatures until they tend to zero.

Hotel Atlantic, the evolution of a hotel

You are staying at the Atlantic hotel, right on the Lungomare, not far from the good lounge in viale Ceccarini.

The Atlantic hotel, excellently directed by Ivan Neri, is a virtuous testimony of what fast adaptation to changing scenarios and to increasingly demanding customers means.

Here the expected quality is much lower than that provided and, thanks also to the professionalism of the entire large team at work, the quality provided is well perceived by the customers.
New, demonstrating how lively and bright the tension towards continuous improvement is, the Atlantic luxury suites with sea water whirlpool service on the terrace.

Spacious and comfortable rooms, present but non-invasive technology, swimming pool with sea water, spa, beauty center, all day long catering services.

Excellent cuisine in the two restaurants

There are two restaurants: the White & Blue, which is part of the structure; with a vague slang term that can be defined as “annexed to the hotel”, and the Green that, we are really tempted to express ourselves like this… it annexes the hotel to itself!

In order to dispel the risk of misunderstanding, let’s say it better. The Green restaurant, open for dinner, is the greedy added value of the hotel. Lunch or dinner at White & Blue as accommodation at Atlantic. I stay at the Atlantic as I want to enjoy that delicious cognitive and emotional experience that a sumptuous dinner at the Green restaurant can give me.

The brave is in charge of the kitchen brigade chef Pasquale Riccio. Barely forty years old, experiences in the kitchens of prestigious hotels in Saint Moritz, he is from Riccione (his surname is Riccio… nomen omen!) Acquired for well over a decade. Originally from Campania, he has a valuable hand in preparing dishes that we would define solar as much as they reveal the meticulous care of preparation, made possible by the powerful technical skills, never separated from a joyful delight in adding those creative flashes that make his dishes authentic signature dishes.

Elegant dining room, well-spaced tables, staff of commendable professionalism. Here the gueridon service exists!

Delicious welcome from the kitchen, with surprising scenic effect. Homemade breads and the gigionesque presence of the Neapolitan tarallo to seal the common feeling of sunny territories. In the appropriate glass the Albana di Romagna Docg 2020 made by Leone Conti.

Sumptuous dinner at the Green

The sumptuous dinner begins with an exquisite trilogy of raw food, just like the fish it offers. The author of the trilogy is chef Pasquale Riccio, of course!

The portions that arrive at the table are admirable: neither microscopic nor gargantuan, designed to make the experience of a memorable dinner delicious.

Continue with Strozzapreti with shelled mantis shrimp and crispy nettle leaves. Albana turns out to be a happy match. The demonstration of the harmonious synthesis between the aforementioned technical cooking skills and the strong creative virtues of the chef comes to us from the intriguing Mixed fried fish with crispy seasonal vegetables.

Green.  Photo: Giorgio Salvatori Summer 2022: ready for the vintage holidays?  Romagna in the 1970s

Green. Photo: Giorgio Salvatori

The delicate moment of the dessert consists of a delicious Tartlet of wild berries with creamed rosemary. Gluttony prevails and, in the Albana passito small glass, there is an encore of the dessert: open raviolo with pumpkin and amaretti biscuits with a dark chocolate heart.
Targeted events and themed evenings will further delight gourmet customers, both local and foreign. Tuesday 14 June, superluna full moon, evening dedicated to the milky white color of the full moon. Other events, with a billboard in laborious and creative preparation, in the autumn-winter season, when Riccione also belongs to the people of Riccione!

Hotel Atlantic – Green Restaurant
Lungomare della Libertà 15 – 47838 Riccione (Rn)
Tel 0541 1780816

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