Summer 2022 is that of group holidays, unleashed singles

T.urism, the 98% of Italians return to travel. Considering the international tensions related to the war in Ukraine, the favorite destination remains the Belpaese, but compared to 2020-2021 also abroad within the borders of the Mediterranean with the Balearics and the Greek Islands in the lead. But the main trend is that group holidays are back in fashion.

To ensure it is Vamonos Holidays, the Italian tour operator specializing in this type of travel that this year has tripled its sales (+ 326%). The reason for this boom is related to factors

Summer 2022 is that of group holidays

Vamonos Vacanze analysts explain: «We have managed to increase investments and the market has rewarded us. If last year trips were sold within 30 days, this year we go up to 84 daysarriving until September with 20% already sold ».


The resumption of group travel is conditioned by psychological factors

How can the recovery be explained? “The psychological factor matters a lot,” he replies Emma Lenoci, founder of Vamonos Travel Events.

“It is true that, unlike last year, the restrictive measures were repealed well in advance and, thanks toabolition of the obligation of maskswhich makes Covid appear a memory, people are more confident and confident in planning their entertainment», Lenoci resumed.

To drive reservations the emotional component is very strong, especially among singles who during the pandemic are those who suffered the most from “confinement”. “It is the phenomenon of”revenge tourism“, The desire for revenge / redemption by those who, after the period of great austerity and restrictions, they feel the desire and the need to travel very strongly»Say the experts of Vamonos Vacanze, which aims mainly at the segment of single travelers, increasing investments this year as well.

Summer 2022 is that of group holidays, tripled agency sales

Technology to help those who want to do organized tourism

Preparing to meet growing demand, Vamonos’ financial investments this year have covered every branch of the business, including technology (+ 520% ​​compared to 2021), personal (+ 340%) both in the marketing field and as regards tour leaders – Vamonos’ factor of excellence in the sector of travel for singles in the age group between 30 and 50 years – and communication (+ 320%).

The result? Faster online procedures and more human relationships, to discuss and get direct assistance.

«It was a challenging period in which we worked on creativity and the contribution of technology, increasing our investments. We have acted on several fronts: a website with ad hoc offers for singles, more destinations and new experiences that leave their mark »explains Emma Lenoci. And today we can say that the numbers are returning massive, so positive that they even exceed those of 2019.

Summer 2022 is that of group holidays, tripled agency sales

In the Mediterranean the most classic destinations

After an initial concentration of summer demand on Italy, the more classic Mediteranno destinations are once again in vogue.

Tourism for singles has returned to high season numbers with a demand that is much higher than that of 2019. The great demand for Italian jewels persists (+ 38%), with Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia in the lead; and the trips to the Mediterranean borders are increasing exponentially (+ 815%), with the Balearic Islands and the Greek Islands in the lead »explain the analysts of Vamonos.

Like this how the charm of cruises has been renewed (+ 429%) and some extra-EU destinations (+ 322%), with the Red Sea in the lead. And then again – after the great explosion recorded during Covid – sailing holidays continue to go strong (+ 26%).

The “claim” of Vamonos – which also identifies its positioning – remains “experiences to be lived”, with the double value of “experience” referring to the journey itself and that referring to events created specifically for singles and groups by experts of the company and then made concrete “in the field” by the best tour leaders who work directly for the company.

In these “experiences to be lived” l‘individual it always remains at the center of everything. And this is in fact the founding value of Vamonos Viaggi Eventi, together with the values ​​of excellence (both in terms of quality and professionalism), creativity and craftsmanship (each trip is organized by age groups and we find ourselves with like-minded people who want to to explore), passion (attention to detail) and innovation (technology and development).

«We are joined by those who are open to new acquaintances and want to talk about themselves and listen. Anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and instead wants to be overwhelmed by an avalanche of new emotions and sensations ”summarize the experts of Vamonos Viaggi Eventi.