Some ideas to better spend your summer holidays

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Senigallia 06/14/2022 – Summer is a special season. Because it is very divisive: there are those who love it and those who hate it. Who can’t wait for it to arrive and who, on the other hand, makes the sign of the cross hoping that it will pass soon. In any case, however, for the vast majority of Italians it also means holidays. Yes, in the collective imagination, summer – especially August – means to unplug from work a bit.

But what are the best ideas for spending a slightly different summer than usual? Here are some of them.

A boat ride is ideal

When you think of the boat ride, you are mostly referring to something expensive, chic and for the aristocrats. Maybe it was once the case but today, we assure you, it is not at all. Also because there are several sailing boat rental that offer optimal solutions at a more than affordable price.

Then, however, there are some wonderful places that are practically inaccessible by land and it is necessary to observe them by sea. Especially if you are in a group, the savings are even stronger. It would be a real shame to give up a boat ride and lose the coasts of the Marche which, after Covid-19, have been widely exploited.

Seeing is believing.

Cool hiking in the mountains

Can’t stand the heat? Well, a holiday in the mountains who knows is not the best solution. Be careful though. It is necessary to disassemble some municipalities. It is not true that in the mountains, in summer, it is necessarily cold or cool. As temperatures rise, the mountains are also undergoing a transformation in this sense. Still, it’s cooler than being in the city.

The advantage, in any case, is not to find crowds of oceanic people in the highlight of the summer. In fact, there are very few – in proportion – Italians who go to the mountains. And, therefore, for those who perhaps want to stay a few days alone to enjoy nature, it can be a great idea.

It being understood that, however, we must be very careful. If you are not trained, if you have always led a sedentary lifestyle, improvising hikers can lead to negative consequences that are not exactly pleasant.

And, moreover, to climb a mountain you still have to sweat. Of course, maybe you can opt for some area in the countryside, where you can go by car with the air conditioning on. They are choices.

The sea yes but it is not too crowded

Let’s say that you, perhaps, have discarded the mountain option a priori. It’s summer and you legitimately want to go to the beach. In Senigallia, for example. But you know that there are still many people – always remember that it is a place where there are many locals and young people who want to have fun – and you, however, prefer tranquility.

In summer, the sea + tranquility option is not always feasible. Because, especially after two years of a pandemic, people want to enjoy the freedom and take back the time they lost to a damn virus.

After this bad news, we also want to give ourselves some good news. However, there is the possibility of going to seaside places where there are not many people. Which ones are they? Simple, those not too ‘comfortable’. Those where, perhaps, they are advertised, but they need a little effort to get there.

Whether it’s a long walk or a small hike, no different. It is proportionally inverse: the longer it is not easy to reach, the further the parking is from the sea and the fewer people there are. Primarily because, in the summer, people want to rest. And, then, not everyone is inclined to discover new places or take a walk in the sun.

Do you think it’s not worth it? Well, know that the sea, in these niche places, is in the vast majority of occasions clear and clean. As there are not so many people, in fact, the ‘opportunities’ to dirty the sea are very few. And whoever ventures into these coves or beaches is usually a person who protects nature and puts the protection of the environment first.

So clean sea, zero traffic (at least when you reach the vicinity), few people. What more than this would you want?