Silvio, the evening in the Zócalo, recent history and the ‘fool’ of Palacio – El Financiero

They say that Neruda’s postman once said that poetry does not belong to those who write it, but of those who need it. That justifies the fact that thousands of people gathered on Friday night at the iron of the Zocalo of the city of mexico to listen to what is considered the greatest exponent of the Cuban Nueva Trova: Silvio Rodriguez.

The threat of rain did not prevent hundreds of people from arriving hours before the start of the free concert, which the Cuban singer-songwriter would offer in political and cultural heart of the country. The wind was blowing hard, but the gray clouds did not disappear, and shortly before the participation of the Mexican singer Live Quintanathe first drops began to fall.

The rain intensified shortly before Silvio Rodríguez will enter the sceneraincoats and umbrellas made their appearance, although shortly before 9 at night, when the Cuban began with the chords of ‘Tonada for two poems (La pupila insomne)’, the umbrellas began to lower after the shout of the people of “Today we all get wet.”

recent history

What can he tell? capital socket who has witnessed various political and cultural events in recent history? Friday was packed with about a hundred thousand people of various agesaccording to official sources, many of them over 50 or 60 years old identified or who were witnesses to the struggle that is now occupied by the National Palace.

But they were also eager to sing poetry, talk about revolution and listen to more music. The Cuban troubadour and his companions delighted the audience with ‘Casiopea’, ‘América’ and ‘Sueño con serpentas’, the latter best known by the public who sang each of his chords accompanied by the masterful flute by Niurka González.

The rain abated to the happiness of the attendees who acclaimed Silvio again and again. It was followed by ‘Te amaré’, ‘Oleo de una mujer con sombrero’ and the political philosophical manifesto of the Cuban troubadour, ‘Mace’. He continued with ‘My blue unicorn’a theme in honor of the Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton (assassinated in 1975) and one of the most chanted by the public.

Right away the chords of ‘I love you free’ and ‘Días y flores’ were heard, to immediately perform ‘Danzón para laespera’, a song that according to what he himself said Silvio Rodriguez composed during the pandemic. he followed him ‘Whoever it was’ Y ‘The era is giving birth to a heart’ (piece in honor of ‘Che’ Guevara) two of the favorite songs of the audience that also sang in unison.

The ‘fool’ of Palace

“The other night I said in the theater (National Auditorium) that I once dedicated it to Fidel (Castro) and that day I dedicated it to Andrés Manuel. Now I dedicate it again to Andrés Manuel Already all mexicans what do you think a better future is possible”, the Cuban singer-songwriter told the perform ‘The Fool’ to the roar of the audience.

In the first of his presentations at the National Auditoriumthe Cuban musician took the opportunity to dedicate this song to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with whom it is said he has maintained a good friendship for several years. Although also to thousands of ‘fools’ who witnessed the evening in the Zócalo.

Silvio Rodriguez and its musicians said goodbye to the Mexican public, which was clamoring for one of the songs that is practically a hymn for several generations, ‘Ojalá’; then three more songs before concluding with ‘Historia de las Sillas’, leaving the audience satisfied.

The concert ended after 11 p.m., and practically all the people with face masks on as they should, were evacuating the capital’s Zócalo in perfect order. “I’m dying as I lived,” many shouted.