Silvio Rodríguez, singing in the rain

With rain, jostling, people without face masks, the new smoking ban —announced with banners placed in the Zócalo and that no one respected or did anything to respect it— and some technical sound failures caused by bad weather, it was how Silvio Rodríguez began his presentation yesterday in the Zócalo of Mexico City, in front of more than 100 thousand people who gathered.

From early on, trova lovers began to line up around the iron in order to get a good spot in the space designated for the free show promoted by the capital’s government, while others, members of the march organized yesterday by Peasant Torch, They decided to stay put.

After the presentation of Vivir Quintana, which started at eight o’clock at night, and a brief introduction to Rodríguez’s life, the Cuban took the stage and began his show, which was made up of his voice, his lyrics and his musicians… plus the screens placed by the government on the sides of the stage and others on 20 de Noviembre street.

Tonada for two poems, by the poet Rubén M. Villena, Casiopea and América were the first songs that the Cuban launched to his followers who, those who were close to the stage sang, while those who were around the plaza just watched .

In Cuba, talk about the social or political issue; I made this song because I found out that a barber from Old Havana, tired of so many discussions, put in his barbershop to talk about it, thanks to you for giving me some time to attend”, said Silvio before giving voice to Come the cosa and Escaramujo, in which he made reference to ‘the plumed serpent’.

We love you, Silvio, we all love you”, “Julieta, I hope”, were the shouts that the public launched between requests and compliments for the composer.

That’s how Dream of Serpents arrived, the first song that was sung by almost all the attendees. Then came the turn of Te amaré and Oil painting of a woman with a hat (as if waiting for April).

It was not until the first flute notes of La Maza that the audience gave Silvio a cry of emotion and accompanied him with their voice, while the Zócalo was full of raincoat vendors, that the weather gave them a business opportunity, to only 20 pesos.

Oh, eh, oh, eh, oh, eh, Silvio, Silvio”, fans shouted as the first notes of My blue unicorn appeared. It was then that letter by letter, the public replied to the Cuban song.

Absences have touched us all in these years due to the pandemic, I recently lost a 60-year-old friend and I am going to sing a couple of his songs, it is Vicente Feliú, for this I am going to ask a niece of Vicente for help whose name is Malva”, said the singer-songwriter before paying a small tribute to his friend with the song It’s not easy.

I love you free, Days and flowers, In the moonlight and Danzón for the wait — a song he wrote during the pandemic, “to entertain me and entertain them” — were the songs that followed the 10-minute intervention of a Cuban musician invited by Rodriguez.

Then it was the turn of Who it was —a subject that Rodríguez said, it was not well known because it was new—, and it was also the turn of reviewing the story.

Today we coincide here with an important date for the people of Mexico… the denunciation of the excesses. Know that we completely agree with and are sensitive to this manifestation of the people of Mexico,” said Rodríguez, referring to the massacre of students in July 1971, known as Halconazo, before giving life to Eva and Song of the chosen one.

This was the first song I did for Che,” said the Cuban before giving way to The era is giving birth to a heart, which was chanted by the public.

And before saying goodbye, he dedicated a song.

The other day I said in the theater that once I had dedicated it to Fidel (Castro), quite rightly, and that day I dedicated it to Andrés Manuel. Today I dedicate it again to Andrés Manuel and to all Mexicans who believe that a better future is possible”, he said before interpreting El necio.

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