Shakira, this was how Gerard Piqué ignored her in front of millions

Shakira would have dedicated some messages to Gerard Piqué on the platforms, however, the soccer player seems to have ignored them, which for many today would take on some relevance in the midst of their separation.

Although social networks seem to mean the least important thing in a relationship, many of the followers of the singer Shakira would have felt bad at a certain point after the footballer remained silent.

While the “colombian“I praised him on the platforms, the Barcelona striker would already give clues as to what was really happening in their relationship.

Shakira, messages that he dedicated to Gerard Piqué and that he ignored. Photo: Capture Instagram

On three occasions the cultured star, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, better known in music as Shakira, would have dedicated some messages to the father of her children on Instagram, which he never answered, they assure.

One of the messages from the “singer-songwriter“Dates from March 13, the one born in Colombia on February 2, 1977 would have shared a touching message in an extensive publication and in which he placed Piqué almost on a pedestal.

“600 games! I don’t think I’ve ever performed 600 concerts. Your achievements are unprecedented. History is a continuous present and you are here to continue forging yours, your club’s, ours and that of future generations”.

A message that accompanied a publication where the sentimental partner of Shakirawith arms raised to the sky in victory, in the same way, the “dancer” and choreographer added more praise to the handsome father of her children:

“You are made of a material that only God knows and for me you are the best example of struggle, perseverance and sincerity for our children. These years with you I have realized that you came to this world to change paradigms. You have much left to give us! In football and in so many other aspects of your extraordinary life, because there is not, nor will there be, another Gerard Piqué, an exceptional human being.

They were the words of the famous “barranquillera” towards the Spanish footballer, to which he would not answer a single word. Later.

In another of the publications dated March 20, the “Spanish naturalized“He highlighted the pride he felt towards Piqué not only highlighting his performance in the world of football, but also his admiration, however, he ignored her.

Gerard won’t let me say these things publicly. But only he, with his heroism, can play like this, overcoming any injury or pain and always giving his best. It’s not because he’s my husband, but he’s the best center back in the world. I said!, he wrote at that moment in a picture of her and the four fingers of her left hand above.

On this occasion, Gerard also did not respond to the affectionate expressions of his partner, the interpreter of “Congratulations“, among others, the same thing that happened on February 14, where both appear together with a big smile and that their own “Colombian businesswoman“He published it to celebrate the special date.

Shakira Mebarak, highlighted as “UNICEF ambassador” He did not stop adding a brief and short message in which he congratulated both on the date that celebrates love and friendship: “Happy Valentine’s Day”, he commented, which accumulated more than 2 million I like his post, however, none of them caused any reaction in the “soccer star”.

Today after her controversial separation, the “voice actress” has received all the support of her followers, who have externalized her, go ahead and turn the page.

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