Shakira talks about her experience working with Rauw Alejandro

The theme song “Congratulations” was released on April 21 of this year, performed by the Colombian artist Shakira in collaboration with the rapper Raww Alexanderbeing a pop song, reggaeton, which has had a great impact on the music industry, as well as on its fans, acquiring more than 157 million views on the YouTube platform.

Speaking of visual material, the main idea being very different from what his followers are usually accustomed to, in an apartment, a workshop and a tunnel are the places where he recorded, violet tones, green fire, a choreography with a robot, really a surreal concept, so I would decide to give them a tour of everything on set.

Since a few weeks ago I would share the behind the scenes on the music channel of Shakiraso in this new video, the interpreter of “that you stay with me” He explained everything that the scenarios represent, how the inspiration for the concept of the video was born, as well as what his experience was like working with the boyfriend of Rosalia.

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Starting with the department first, since that’s how the original starts, he said that it seemed like a good idea to work with purple tones, as he says it’s not a color you see much in music videos, so the aura of the material visual is in different shades.

Shakira talks about her experience working with Rauw Alejandro, photo: instagram

After showing the apartment, he continued with the workshop, where he says that the idea he wanted to convey is that he is creating his “ideal man”, being a kind of robot, he commented that the idea of ​​dancing next to one was of his little son Sasha, while the scene where he dances around green fire was of Milan, his other child.

Proud of her children’s creative capacity, they asked her how she felt working with Raww Alexanderto which he replied:

“It was spectacular, I think I’ve never danced with anyone, in a choreographic scheme with any boy, so it’s the first time and I thought it was super fun, professional. The choreography was learned in a matter of hours and I’m going to say it, it’s an excellent dancer, an excellent performer and the truth is that he is very collaborative, so it has been a good experience…”

In this clip you can see the boyfriend of Rosalia working content and happy next to Shakiraso many of the rumors where they said that she was a complicated and rude person, stating that nobody wants to work with her, remain in doubt.

CLICKING HERE you can see the recording set.

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