Salma Hayek posed for a hyper-realistic portrait showing off more

The renowned actress from the state of Veracruz, Salma Hayek, with her beauty and talent has become the inspiration of many people, being the favorite muse of hundreds of artists who create their works thinking of her spectacular image. Such was the case of the painter Paco Leal who had the honor of capturing her at her best through a detailed portrait.

In the wonderful work done by the expert hands of the portraitist, the beautiful Hayek can be seen posing as only she knows how, managing to catch the eyes of her viewers. With the liveliness that youth gives to people, we observe her wearing a peculiar garment that allows you to see what is hidden beyond the fabric. In addition, it was widely shared on social networks.

Paco Leala native of Guadalajara, faithfully painted every texture, edge and line that makes up the beautiful Salma Hayek. The center of attention was taken by the playful insinuation that the blue dress created on the curves that the woman possesses, since gives a partial view of its almost natural charmsonly covered by the thin layer of white polka dot fabric.

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Salma Hayek posed for a hyper-realistic portrait showing off more. Source: Instagram


It is a portrait created in oil on canvas with a masterful technique that brought to life a Salma Hayek during the nineties. The skin was captured showing off a wonderful lighting method as it very well captures how smooth, healthy and shiny it is, leaving everyone dazzled with the cinnamon tones accompanied by golden touches.

The set of brown hair with a reddish undertone, light blue makeup and garnet lips were enough to snatch the heart, trembling with emotion with the look dark and rewarding with which the actress was drawn.

The painter stands out in the world of visual art for having the ability to capture any person in detail, preferring to work from photographs instead of having the models pose for long hours in uncomfortable positions. He opts for the photos selected by his clients, because that way they can choose the expressions and poses that they like the most.

His talent is not limited to portraits of people, he is also a great painter of landscapes, animals and objects thanks to his good sense of lighting and proportions. There is no doubt that the portrait of him of Salma Heek It was a complete success.