Rollerdrome, we’ve already played it. The art of combat on skates

rollerdrome sharpen the wheels of the skates as one of the great attractions of the summer offer in this 2022. Roll7, creators of successes such as the OlliOlli franchise, leave behind the tests of pirouettes to take us to the latest fashion of the reality: duels to the death as me against the neighborhood. At FreeGameTips we have already been able to play its first tests.

At the beginning of each round we will be able to know more details of what is behind this sport.

Rollerdrome, the most violent sport of the near future

Run the year 2030. Large corporations control the information and currents of thought in society. To liven up the day to day, one of them creates the Rollerdrome tournament, a violent sport where blood flows like wine on a summer night. We will take control of Kara Hassan, who debuts in this fight for survival. If you fall, you die.

The structure of Rollerdrome is divided into various phases of the tournament that group together a certain number of tests. These tests appear as combat arenas of just five minutes or less long. Before starting we will see a series of challenges to complete, the key that will open the doors to the quarterfinals and successive rounds.

Rollerdrome impressions advance we have already played it

The PS5 version allows you to play at 120fps on compatible TVs.

While completing the challenges is a cumulative progress line, your other goal in each scenario is get the highest score possible. You must fight in style and optimize each game by hustling the few tools at your disposal. Tools that is not only about their weapons, but their movement. Kara uses her roller skates to do all sorts of somersaults around the stage, which at the same time play an essential role in her formula.

The art of combat on skates

After being fired down a ramp we have two options: either we do specific tricks with the skates (holding down the square button and the stick in various directions) or we do pirouettes with the whole body doing the same with the R1. If we combine the possibilities we will get more pointsbut the point is that every flip you do will progressively refill the ammo of the weapon you’re currently using.

Rollerdrome impressions advance we have already played it

As you can read, Rollerdrome use Kara’s move as an extension of your combat repertoire. An added layer of depth is added to the pirouettes through slow motion. If we fly while pressing the L2 button, the aiming button, we will enter this small section that allows us to shake the enemy with a storm of lead. In some weapons it is also used to make shots with secondary effects. With the shotgun, for example, if we nail the marked tempo we will turn the bullet into a piercing bullet.

The adversaries we face follow an excessively static pattern. The variants we’ve seen range from an enemy outfitted in armor that allows him to activate a shield when he senses your threat, to the typical sniper aiming a laser at you before pulling the trigger. In the latter, the ideal is, again, to nail the tempo. Evading at the last moment triggers lethal reflexes. Others exist, such as a shield soldier, which requires the use of specific weapons to break through their defense. But in general we ask that in the following tests there be more freshness and they look for alternatives that make them leave their comfort zone.

Rollerdrome impressions advance we have already played it

promising test

The sensations at the controls are positive. The study has found the mechanisms to give the pirouettes a playable sense beyond the stylistic. And works. What we would like is that in this sense the character does not feel as rigid as before. Control sometimes doesn’t allow for the level of agility you need to get out of a sticky situation. Once you lose speed due to the inertia of combat, it is difficult for you to reach the peak again.

We want to continue discovering what awaits us in the following tests, especially the most advanced ones. What we have found is, without a doubt, promising. Remember that it will arrive on August 16 on PS5, PS4 and PC.