Oberhausen Olé: The sun is burning – tens of thousands of fans celebrate

The giant party “Oberhausen Olé” draws the Schlager Bundesliga to the Centro. For stars like Mickie Krause, it’s the biggest appearance in years.

Stop being unfunny! The Schlager scene is taking off again at the Oberhausen Olé open-air festival next to Centro Oberhausen. On Saturday, the open space behind the Rudolf Weber Arena is already well filled in the midday hours. “We expect 25,000 fans. People feel like celebrating again,” says a spokeswoman for the organizer, Sparkassenpark Mönchengladbach.

And indeed. It seems as if the supporters of Mallorca and Ballermann wanted to make up for the almost three-year Corona break in the first moments of the ten-hour open-air break. They are wearing flower necklaces, have dug the shorts out of the closet and even carry inflatable beer mugs in front of the stage like pool equipment.

Oberhausen Olé: holiday mood among Schlager stars and fans

“Malle is only once a year,” it resounds briskly over the gravel road. In fact, the hardcore supporters of the party island don their sleeveless Bierkönig shirts and pay homage to the Ballermann-Disco Megapark. Many have not been there since the beginning of the corona pandemic. For her, Oberhausen Olé is a substitute comeback and season opener in one.

Schlager star Michelle appears early – and brings daughter Marie Reim with her, who even opens the dance. “Is that summer?” asks the who loves to live singer and ex-partner of genre colleague Matthias Reim in airy denim shorts and a pink top. The sun burns.

In the late afternoon, Mickie Krause ignited further mood rockets with “I’m Solo” and “Schatzi, give me a photo”. The party bard with the curly wig feels surrounded by fans from a neighboring country near Centro Oberhausen. “I have nothing against Holland, but I prefer the Netherlands.”

Mickie Krause: “People just want to have fun again!”

After the half-hour performance, he said in an interview with our editors: “This is the biggest stage I’ve seen in the last few weeks. It feels right back to how it used to be.”

It’s actually jam-packed, and there’s no trace of Corona restraint. Why are the Schlager fans back immediately after the easing, while other sections have a harder time? Krause: “After a week of hard work, people just want to let loose at the weekend, have fun and drink a few beers. Only mood music can do that.”

Almost 20 genre musicians play music at Oberhausen Olé without a break. However, the makers have to reschedule at short notice: singer Mike Leon Grosch (“Meine Wahl”) canceled at short notice. Colleague Almklausi (“Mama Laudaaa”) called in sick.

Other appointment calendars were strictly scheduled. Megapark singer Isi Glück (“Knicklicht”) hastily disappears to the airport seconds after the performance. Norman Langen (“Pures Gold”), on the other hand, arrives early – and writes autographs backstage in a relaxed manner.

Oberhausen Olé: special buses on the way – a lot of work for paramedics

The arrival, on the other hand, is bustling again: the buses on the route between Oberhausen and Sterkrade are jam-packed. There are many emergency vehicles. Most of Olé’s followers travel by public transport – also because the beer flows freely on the festival grounds.

The hot sun quickly has visible effects: the paramedics have a lot to do. The circulation collapses for a number of festival visitors.

More Schlager singers are announced until 11 p.m. Fireworks are also being prepared. Fans in the front row have positioned themselves in homage to hit shirts. “We’re waiting for Mia Julia. There is simply no better one!”

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