Nine appointments with the art of presence

The sun will once again be the protagonist in the Navarre Museum because, outdoors, on nine sunsets this summer, the public will have nine appointments with the art of presence. “Like this”, proclaimed this Wednesday, June 22, Alex Baurés, the curator of this program, ‘9 suns’, “from a diversity of forms and interests, the invited artists will challenge our feelings and think about the world with a certain intensity”. They are Sergio Navarro, Raquel Jara, Paula Puchalt, Miren Asiain Lora, Andrea Ganuza, Mayte Vélaz, Elisa Arteta, Xabier Erkizia, Rammsy, Azkona, Toloza, Inés Aubert, Taxio Ardanaz, Peio Lekumberri, Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Yves Chaudouët and Iker Go away. And I couldn’t miss this program the commemoration of the five decades of the Pamplona Meetings 72 which was curated by the musicians Luis de Pablo and José Luis Alexanco and in which the visual arts and the Museum of Navarra “played a major role”: there will be two artistic actions in the square in front of the Museum. The other seven will take place on Wednesdays between July 20 and August 31 at the Mirador del Museo.

In this reminder that 50 years ago Pamplona became the European capital of culture for eight days, they have chosen two very important dates for the first two sessions of ‘9 soles’, June 26 and July 3the start and end of the Encounters in 1972, as pointed out by Baurés, who presented the program together with the Minister of Culture, Rebeca Esnaola, and the director of the Museum of Navarra, Mercedes Jover.

This Sunday’s action will be two pieces created by students from La Faktoria: ‘The voices I live in’, a solo by Raquel JaraY ‘Por un slip’, a duet by Paula Puchalt and Sergio Navarro. Jara’s work talks about the mystery and how a woman inhabits the body of another to express repressed emotions and desires. And the Por un slip project refers to how to find a common language, an understanding, through the desire to know the body of another person.

The performance theater proposal of Peio Lekumberri for July 3 its titled ‘NA3394BD, this car is a hole’, a monologue about a Volkswagen Passat registered in Navarra in 2000which proposes to observe the human relationship with mechanical and technological artifacts, how we rely on them and how they preserve our most intimate stories.

The rest of the artistic proposals echo issues raised in the program of the Pamplona 72-22 – Iruñeko 72-22 Topaketak Encounters curated by the Navarrese essayist and poet Ramón Andrés, who defends culture as an element of transformation and reflection . “That’s why,” continued Esnaola, “the participating artists will appeal to key questions about the drift of Europe, anti-hate speech or questions about technology.” About our way of feeling and thinking about the world, added Mercedes Jover.

Overcome the Sanfermines, on July 20 the illustrators Miren Asiain and Andrea Ganuza, who share a studio and are of the same generation, will present ‘But I would like to sing’, a mural that they have devised together and that they are going to execute with four hands. “The proposal that we propose, as a result of the questions from Ramón Andrés, is to take the window [que sirve de transición entre el interior y el exterior del Museo] some of the works in the museum, drawing them and presenting the copy and the drawing as a performative act, reviewing the line that another person made many years ago,” said Ganuza.

Rammsy, Azkona & Toloza will star on July 27 the geological concert ‘New sounds / Soinu berriak’, which gives voice to silenced elements, such as stones, water or objects. A sound journey that dives into what is furthest from the human being in nature’s classification systems and is therefore considered free from being unbridled exploited.

‘Sculpture and performance’ is the proposal of Mayte Velaz Sancha for August 3 which he has entitled Shield and Projector. It consists of taking the way of working to that moment that is now the future but was then the present. “It has to do with how we relate to each other,” said the artist.

The August 10 is the Proposal by the dancer Elisa Arteta and the musician Xabier Erkizia, ‘sensitize the bodies’, that is born from the enthusiasm for experimenting with one’s own body, trying to produce a transfer of energy to the other bodies present. The choreographic piece will be built at the same time as the sound installation.

The French sculptor Yves Chaudouët and the Navarrese percussionist Iker Idoate will present the August 17 ‘The fragile battery’, a sculpture that is at the same time a ceramic battery with which Idoate will play. And the August 24 Inés Aubert will show ‘Acachete’, the result of a five-day movement laboratory with Museum staff. Aubert could not add anything else yesterday because “it will really be created in the laboratory, with stories and experiences of the people who work here, making that relationship and contact with the Museum visible.”

The last Wednesday of the program, the August 31will have a plastic and textual ‘performance’ by Taxio Ardanaz and Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Hunger, which refers to the “Indiani Metropolitani”, groups of young people who, in Italy in 1977, claimed a peaceful, ironic and festive way of life and resistance through words and performance. The purpose of the intervention is to relate these revolutionaries who appeared in a context of job insecurity with the figure of the current artist who also operates from the margins of the system, thus reflecting on his role in contemporary society. The piece created by Ardanaz will remain at the Mirador for the following months.

Days: June 26th; July 3, 20 and 27; August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31.
Schedule: 20 hours. On both Sundays the Museum will be open from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to visit the exhibitions by Jabier Villarreal and Javier Muro. The rest of the days, the Mirador will open its doors at 7:00 p.m., when the permanent and temporary exhibitions close their doors.
Place: the actions of June 26 and July 3, in front of the facade of the Museum of Navarra (access will be free until full capacity is reached, with seats arranged that will be occupied on a first-come, first-served basis). The rest of the performances, in the Mirador del Museo.
Tickets: each of the seven performances at the Mirador will cost 10 euros. Vouchers can be purchased for the entire cycle for 70 euros. Tickets are entitled to one drink (the bar service will be in charge of the Zentral). Box office open from next Tuesday at 10 am. Payment in cash.
More information: on the Museum phone (848 426492) or on the websites of the Museum of Navarra and Culture.