Nacho Mendoza: You didn’t want to go to the benefit concert for Chyno Miranda, and you didn’t donate money either?

Chyno Miranda and Nacho Mendoza on stage at the 2016 Tu Mundo Awards.

Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images

as we tell you, This Wednesday, June 8, a charity concert was held for the benefit of Chyno Miranda, called #TodosSomosChynowith the sole purpose of raising money so that the singer can continue paying for the treatments that will save his life.

There were many celebrities who were present, and everyone’s question was Where is Nacho Mendoza? Chino and Nacho’s former partner, and who, since Miranda’s health was compromised, assured that he helps him even financially.

The answer could be simple but it is not. The official version, that is, Nacho’s, as we have seen publicly, assured that it was impossible for him to go, that he already had commitments made. Nevertheless, the unofficial version, based on an investigation with several witnesses, shows that this would not be true, that in reality he did not want to go to the concert

Why? Although it is true that he was in Colombia, very far from Miami, it would have been offered to him until he got transportation for him to be there and support Chyno, who also, as we told you, was watching the concert from the rehabilitation center, and that his medical team had seen with amazement how what his friends and colleagues were doing for him had changed his spirits so much that it had even had a favorable impact on his treatments.

Unlike the attitude the Creature would have had,The brothers Servando and Florentino did say present, they were also in Colombia on a tour, and they traveled to Miami, where the concert was taking place, for hours just to support the cause. In the unofficial version, Nacho would have refused the offer to take him to Miami and then return him to the place of his commitments, with a resounding “no”. And as we saw, in his official version, he would have decided not to give more support than to share the announcement of the event in a couple of days on his networks.

That night, Mendoza was part of a video in which several singers offered their support and apologized for not being presentamong them J Balvin, Diego Torres, Beto Cuevas, Obbie Bermúdez, Ricky Montaner, Sebastián Yatra… With the only difference is that in the case of Nacho, the recording was made in his car and while driving..

Is Nacho aware of his friend’s health? The official version says yes, he himself has declared that he is, that he asks about him and collaborates as far as he is allowed and in the way that he can, even financially and that he hopes to make music together again. We have no doubt that like the rest of the fans and the public who find out from the news, or perhaps from people in common.

Nevertheless, Unofficially, we were able to find out that Mendoza is not someone who would be present in Chyno’s life and health process.and even at least until the end of the concert, I would not have made any kind of donation eitherdespite the fact that Miranda’s bank account had been shared with him so that he could make his contribution without intermediaries.

The last time we officially saw them together, It was during Chyno’s reappearance in the process of his illness, at Premios Juventud 2021, where Nacho did decide to accompany him on stage and the next day they released a song together.

The important is that Despite Nacho providing only public support on his networks, as we told you, the concert was a success, both from the solidarity of his friends and colleagues, and from the public who did not hesitate to say yes by buying their spaces either in person at La Scala or via Live Stream. Y Although the final profit is not yet known for a few days, around 60 thousand dollars would have been raisedwhich it would help Chyno to at least be able to pay for the following months of treatment and be able to continue strengthening your health.

Because although some media have said that their treatments are part of public health and they do not need to pay a penny, here we deny that version. This is not only not true, but also We can confirm that the center where Chyno is fighting for his health is extremely expensive, but the right one for his condition.. Medicine in a country like Venezuela has prices that are sometimes higher than in a country of the so-called First World.

In order to recover Chyno needs to pay about $7,000 a month, sometimes more, money he doesn’t haveand that so far, as revealed in the interview with the organizers Jefferson Cardenas, Richard Acosta and Nangel Menes to Marko on his Youtube program ‘La Nave’, From last December, when he was admitted, until last month, everything had been paid for out of pocket by a friend and former manager named Ray.. That’s why this race was to get money, to be able to continue receiving his treatments that are vital to get as close to his recovery.



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