My City, my Style: Editor reveals why she loves Rome style

My city, my style
Rome: This is what makes the style of the city so special

Street style in Italy

© Valentina Frugiuele / Getty Images

Berlin, Copenhagen, London: We all have a city where we simply feel at home in terms of fashion. For editor Jessica, it’s definitely Rome. What inspires you about the style of the Roman women …

Rome is referred to as the “Eternal City”. No matter where you are, it feels like an open-air museum, a city from another era. And when I see the Roman women, I quickly notice: The outfits are characterized by some classic elements. I’ll tell you here what they are and what an Italian woman would never do without.

Classic? Yes, but with feminine cuts

If you analyze the look of the women living in Rome, you will notice that they like to wear classics such as blazers, chinos, shift dresses or blouses. What you don’t find, however, is the oversized look that is so hot and dearly loved everywhere else. Italian women celebrate the female body, playing with its silhouette without appearing bold. In concrete terms, this means: you won’t find killer high heels and an ultra-tight mini dress among the Roman women, they live femininity subtly with fitted dresses, beautiful décolleté, flowing fabric and bare upper arms.

Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns

While French women like to use soft colors such as cream, beige or blue tones, Italian women like to show themselves in looks with strong colors and all-over prints. The best example of this are the designs of the luxury label Dolce & Gabbana. An Italian label that embodies the flair of “Dolce Vita” like no other. As? With an opulent floral pattern or antique majolica print – and of course: feminine cuts.

But you also like to see the leo print – a classic among the patterns – on the Italian women. You could almost say: The print belongs to the country like pizza, pasta and gelato! With destroyed jeans and casual shoes, the print with urban jungle vibes is suitable for everyday use. In combination with red lips and high heels, it can also be worn perfectly in the evening.

One accessory is always the center of attention: the shoes

The quality of Italian shoes is known all over the world. No wonder, then, that Italians themselves also attach great importance to stylish and, above all, high-quality footwear. One looks in vain for health slippers in Rome – and in other Italian cities – instead one sees flat and high shoes with playful details such as pompoms, tassels or in colored and shiny leather.