Mon Laferte and the depression that led her to record her most successful song

Despite being a star recognized for the lyrics he writes practically throughout Latin America, Mon Laferte he still feels sorry that people discover the emotions he goes through when composing, as he confessed in The Interview with Yordi Rosado.

The Chilean assured that there is none of her creations that is not inspired in something let there be happened during life, since he considers that to do otherwise would be to speak of fictions and would also betray his style.

“I write about what I know and what I know is my life. I think I know it,” he said.

He stressed that in the case of the song tie me up talk about sadomasochism. She added that he has always believed that sexuality is something that should be used for people to have fun and experiment to have a good time.

He explained that he has never had problems in the privacyso no one has refused her requests, although she indicated that it is very easy for her to fall in love.

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The star talked about genesis in his lyrics.

how was born Your lack of wanting?

During the talk, he indicated that several of the Boys The ones she dated had a song written by her. On one of those occasions, she commented, she did a lyric for a young man Peruvian with whom he fell madly in love.

Even though he knew it was a passing romance, he wrote a piece for her called Complete love, which turned the balance and made him unable to stop being with her. When she had to return to Mexico, the young man followed her two weeks after this, which was not in her plans.

“Because I’m writing songs for them, I don’t know what to do with the kids anymore,” he said.

He assured that although he has suffered in life, within his melodies he seeks to exaggerate emotions so that his songs become dramas that impact people more.

“I feel that what I do is very honest and very transparent, but I think that everything you do has to embellish it,” he said.

He explained that he had a relationship that lasted seven years, but that it ended due to infidelity that he suffered from him. This ended his intention to start a family. The feeling of her hurt so much that it drove her into a depression that started with a moment that “broke” her inside.

“When I ended that relationship, I started recording the album (Mon Laferte) Volume 1,” he said.

The star generated one of his best songs in the middle of depression.

He assured that at that time he lived in the Suburb escandon. The separation had left her without money to pay for electricity. After losing this resource, she had to take refuge in the music.

In order to record it took several extensions that he placed in the parking lot so he could power his instruments, his computer, and everything else he needed to put his emotions on record.

“It was very special, very hard, but very beautiful in a way because I got ahead,” he said.

At that time, he commented, he had alcohol problems, although it was also the genesis of one of his most famous songs: your lack of wanting.

This album was what allowed her, in addition to paying for electricity, to begin to connect with people and have the success that made her one of the most representative figures in music.

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