Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno mother of Barbara Cayo ‘shows face’ for her granddaughter in the face of criticism Magaly Medina PHOTO: “She is a work of art made of flesh and blood, almost an angel” facebook entertainment | SHOWS

TO ITS! Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti, mother of the Cayo clan, dedicated a post on Facebook to her granddaughter Alessia Rovegno, this after the model and candidate for Miss Peru was harshly criticized on social networks.

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“I say it with pride and no humility, my beautiful granddaughter Alessia Rovegno is a work of art made of flesh and blood because she is human, even if she doesn’t look like it, she is almost an angel, besides, she is just like her ‘noni’! that age! (meaning me)”wrote.

After her first presentations, Alessia Rovegno is the center of criticism of the Miss Peru contest, because they consider that she needs more preparation to express herself.

Magaly Medina says that there is “favoritism” in Miss Peru: “There is only Alessia Rovegno”

The host Magaly Medina attacked the organization of Miss Peru after the coronation of Flavia Montes as Miss Orb Peru 2022, which makes her automatically leave the final for Miss Peru 2022.

“All roads and all signs lead to a favorite, and not necessarily a favorite of the public. It is as if there was only one candidate, Alessia Rovegno, there is no more Who have walked through all the programs? Only to Alessia Rovegno, that is a clear favoritism of an organization that says it is impartial, in any language I tell you”, he stated.

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Alessia Rovegno recognizes her weakness

At 24 years old, alessia rovegno He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in the world of modeling in the future. She decided to leave everything in the United States to represent our country as one of the candidates for Miss Peru 2022. Despite the criticism she has received, the daughter of Bárbara Cayo and current in love with Hugo García she does not bow her head and comes forward to respond to her detractors prior to the grand finale of the beauty pageant. In interview with tromeopened his heart telling us his greatest hopes and expectations.

What do you think are your weaknesses and strengths?

My weakness is more than anything being so exposed when speaking in front of cameras because before I went to a photo shoot, I was in front of cameras, yes, but it’s very different being -for example- a driver, talking to the camera. I think my weakness goes there. And my strength, I think that having been in modeling helps me a lot to know my angles, the subject of photography, discipline, perseverance, effort. I know perfectly well what it means to be in a pageant like this or like in Miss Universe, there is a lot of discipline.


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