Mexican photographer Yael Martínez wins the National Geographic Wayfinder Award

EFE.- Mexican realities are as varied as the ways of telling them, and the ability and desire of photographers like Yael Martinez, originally from the state of Guerrero, to relate through his lens “complex stories and unknown perspectives”, are being valued internationally. In his case, he has been recognized with the prize Wayfinder of NatGeo.

Martinez He studied at the Center for the Arts in San Agustinin the state of oaxaca, and now he has “the fortune” to teach in this place that, like others, represents the diversification of the arts in a country where centralism is very present.

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For the photodocumentary, also recently recognized with the photography award World Press Photothe growing path towards the revaluation of stories told from outside the capital is the right one.

“There are super complex stories and there are perspectives that we do not know that can continue to grow”, he expressed in an interview with EFE.

Report from other latitudes

Martinezwho has spent more than ten years recounting through his camera the reality of Warriorone of the states with the most complexities in terms of security, drug trafficking and corruption, said that there are many stories to tell in the different regions of Mexico and above all “different latitudes” from where to tell them.

“We continue to do that, trying to democratize photography for everyone and that these stories can come to light,” he said, recalling the relevance of the region of Latin America in the world in terms of art and journalism and the growing appreciation worldwide.

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“Since I started studying photography I have realized that we have a heritage in terms of photography to tell deeply rooted historical, social, political and cultural processes, I believe that the Mexican photo has always been present in Latin America and in a world panorama”, he affirmed.

New Audiences

And it is on this path that recognitions such as the one granted to him by NatGeosince they help bring to the world the work of people who, like Martínez, have Latin America from inside.

“Something that excites me a lot is the audiences that these platforms have. One can find these channels to talk about issues that shake us as Mexicans, as Latin Americans, and that it is important to make them visible,” he shared. Yael Martinez.

In this sense, he said, with this type of award, not only his individual work is projected to the world, but also the “social work”, the way of life and the concerns and claims of many people.

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“Beyond the fact that they are something that gives you an impetus to continue working, what is very nice and important is that they are platforms that make these problems visible to audiences, which would otherwise be very difficult to reach,” he continued.

Yael Martinez reported that he is in the process of becoming a member of the international photography agency magnumsomething that also shows the relevance that regional photodocumentary is taking for journalistic companies.

For Martínez it was a surprise the recognition of NatGeoalthough he had done some work for them.