Marjorie de Sousa released her beauties in a crop and two pigtails

The fans of Marjorie de Sousa were completely delighted with a beautiful photograph that she shared on her social networks on the occasion of LGBTQ+ pride month, wearing a rather playful outfit that released her beautiful figure more than expected, showing that she is quite a beauty.

It is well known that the soap opera actress is fond of photo sessions, always seeking to innovate with new concepts that refresh her Instagram feed, in order to pamper her followers from the best poses. On this occasion she was enchanting with an interesting youth outfit.

For Marjorie deSousa age is nothing more than a number, because it does not mean great changes for her in terms of her physical appearance, keeping herself very young. She made this point clear by best wearing two high ponytails and a sweet pastel look, unleashing the naughtiest side of her.

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The admirers of the beautiful Venezuelan were grateful after having the opportunity to appreciate her at pleasure wearing a too short crop that almost exposes her frontal attributes, touching the line of what is allowed.

The crop top featured a graphic print of an iconic pop culture character, Seiya, a detail that drew special attention among fans who like to consume anime, indicating that it fits perfectly. Which was combined with a matching mini short in the range of white, black and red colors, similar to those of a manga.

Marjorie de Sousa released her beauties in a crop and two pigtails. Source: Instagram

You can see the post here.

As a complement, she knotted a pink sports jacket at the height of her hips and accentuated this young aesthetic with two very pretty blonde pigtails. Together, all the elements created an interesting proposal never before seen in his wardrobe and she managed to leave his followers even more in love.

Between her smile hidden behind her hands and the soft curves that make up her body, Marjorie deSousa managed to raise the temperature of Internet users, drawing wholesale sighs.

On the occasion of the commemoration and struggle of the LGBTQ+ community, Marjorie deSousa wrote a short but meaningful sentence in favor of diversity, joining the many celebrities who stand up for this cause.

Life with your colors !!!”, he wrote.

His fans could not contain themselves and left many reactions as a sign of affection, in addition to sending him their affectionate messages in the comments section. “Always beautiful marjo”, “The years go by and she is still the same beautiful”, “You raise my Cosmo”, “You are the best as a woman”, were some of the comments.

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