Maná kicks off its ‘Mexico, Lindo y Querdo’ tour in Tijuana | Tijuana News

Tijuana, BC.- Always extolling love for the land, between couples and music, were the ingredients that stood out at the start of the “Mexico, cute and loved” tour that Manna had in Tijuana on Friday night.

Based in the hot stadiuma venue that had its audience gaps unlike their last presentations, the Jalisco group delivered a tour of 24 songs in just over two hours of show, where closeness and interaction predominated.

Before more than 15,000 souls, with a stage of four flat screens, the Guadalajarans delivered a memorable night to thousands of fans who gathered to enjoy this reunion in the midst of the pandemic.

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Mana Records

The fascination that Maná raises, is not free, they have sold more than 12 million tickets to their concerts in their career, a record, which increased on the night of June 10 and that gave the skin goosebumps.

Tijuana, here are the Maná from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and neighbors to have a lot of rampage and I want you to listen to this next song as far as San Diego”, were the words of Fer Olvera, before interpreting “Corazón espinado”.

The leader of the gang along with the rest of his companions, Alex Gonzalezdrums, Sergio Vallin, guitars and John Calleros, bass, he passed it from one side of the stage to the other, and taking advantage of its extension to the front, he was very close with the audience.

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The most popular songs

“Where will the children play”, “The San Blas pier”, “You are my religion” and “Shared lips” were added to their list of songs.

There were emotional moments, the first when they approached with everything and instruments to share songs on a second stage, four by four in the center of the stadium field.

There they went up to two fans who, with cardboard in hand, asked them to be with them and thus sang a couple of songs.

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Remember John Gabriel

There they also remembered John Gabriel with “I forgot again”.

Maná is a group that has its personal preferences and they don’t mind raising their voices for what they believe, so they reiterated for a better world, for a better government and for a hope that doesn’t die.

So after 24 songs, and almost two hours of concert, Maná said goodbye to the stage, with the song “Rayando el Sol”.

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Photos: Gustavo Suarez

To detail

Start: 9:50 p.m.

End: 00:10 hours

Home tour Mexico Lindo y Querido

Venue: Hot Stadium

Promoter In House Entertainment

The most celebrated songs

  1. I want you
  2. From head to toe
  3. Thorned heart
  4. Shared Lips
  5. Where will the children play
  6. Live without air
  7. Blessed your light
  8. treacherous butterfly
  9. how i wish you
  10. I do not care
  11. On the dock of San Blas
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