Mago Alfaro announces his departure from the Artisan Development Directorate

After the reopening of House of CraftsMago Alfaro, head of the General Directorate of Craft Development of Jalisco, announced that as of June 15 will leave dependency for personal reasons and new job opportunities, after the Governor of Jalisco thanked him for his work that began at the beginning of the current administration.

“I have projects, several personal issues converge in my life and it gives me the opportunity to take advantage of something that is happening in the professional field. Everything has its cycle,” said Mago Alfaro, and although he did not share about his new projects at the moment, he highlighted during its management managed to renovate the facilities of the Casa de las Artesanías, which in October 2020 began its planning work for the remodeling of the property under the vision of architect Pablo Alexanderson.

The Governor of Jalisco pointed out that later it will be announced who will be in charge of the Artisan Development Directorate, and in this sense, Mago Alfaro shared that among the main challenges to take advantage of the potential of the Jalisco artisan community is continue promoting programs and links so that artisans are more prepared and immersed in the development of commercial and business skills, in addition to continuing to spread and offering opportunities to take and position their works and techniques nationally and internationally.

“Above all introduce them to the topic of innovation and digitizationis one of the great challenges at the Mexican level, not only in Jalisco”, in addition to pointing out that after the reopening of the Casa de las Artesanías, the constant challenge will be “to keep the space alive with activities, conferences, training, workshops and dissemination of knowledge”.

Mago Alfaro stressed that whoever is in charge of the management will have to have a profile with extensive knowledge and appreciation for culture: “also a vision of economic development, because in the end it is fundamental, transversal, that would be the profile, not leaving aside the cultural, but without a doubt also the economic”.

They show the new face of the House of Crafts

Preserving the architectural insignia of the Casa de las Artesanías, created by Erich Coufal in the 1960s, the renovated building was presented to the artisan community; The space will have, for example, workshops and training rooms, a temporary and permanent exhibition room, the Casa Madre store, and the Artisan Design and Innovation Center.



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