Madagascar: a Robinson Crusoe style holiday but in a chic way

Coming from the south, this is the first island you come across. Not the only one – theMitsio archipelagoof which it is part, includes about fifteen – but certainly among the most spectacular. Tsarabanjina is a small earthly paradise north west of Madagascar. You can get there from Nosy Be, where the nearest airport is located, after an hour or so by boat. The time needed to leave the daily grind behind and immerse yourself in a location that has nothing to do with the stereotypical tropical islands.

Tsarabanjina, a little paradise out of this world

We know that Tsarabanjina was special. It is no coincidence that the members of theSakalava ethnicity – one of the 18 in Madagascar – was considered a sacred island. Here their first king was buried and here, even today, the faithful bring offerings. The mystical atmosphere, on the other hand, is indisputable even for those who stay there only for a limited period.

Once down on the ground, the shoes become a distant memory. Surrounded by lush vegetation – there is an abundance of lianas, orchids and baobabs – you move barefoot, in the white sand, with the blue of the sea as a backdrop. Breathing deeply you can enjoy the silence, peace and tranquility. Around, nothing. Perfect setting for those who want to get away for a few days taking advantage of the wonders of Malagasy nature.

Refined simplicity and exoticism: the secret of an eco-chic holiday

In the seventeen hectares of vegetation, sand and rock, the Constance Tsarabanjina, a refined 5-star resort of the Constance group, one with the island. Restyled during the pandemic, it welcomes guests in its own 25 beach villas redecorated in colonial style. Here you relax among mahogany beams on the ceiling and local fabrics, with the feeling of blending effortlessly into the culture and traditions of the place. No TV or wifi: disconnecting is the mantra of the holiday. Strolling along the coast, between coral sand and turquoise sea, it almost seems to have the island all to yourself. In fact it is: there are no other resorts. An immersive sensation that is amplified when you fall asleep in the evening with the sound of the waves in the background and the moon illuminating the day, completely at ease.

The room of one of the 25 villas of the eco-chic Constance Tsarabanjina resort

An immersion in Malagasy culture

But the Malagasy atmosphere is everywhere, not just in the rooms. It permeates it Tsarabanjina Restaurant, temple of taste and local flavors, with dishes based on fresh fish and zero km vegetables, grown by locals on nearby islands. And not even the barbetween glasses of rum flavored with vanilla and the scent of ginger and cinnamon (a curiosity, those who return for the third time to the resort are entitled to a plaquette with name and surname on the counter).

You can breathe authenticity in the walks inside the island, a concentration of perfect natural corners that seem to have been torn from a fairy tale. Which, in some cases, lend themselves to being the backdrop for romantic dinners: on the beach, among the rocks, in the hills or under a pergola called “Nido”. And, why not, even at weddings.

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Madagascar is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world. In the photo, the seabed around the island of Tsarabanjina

From diving to meeting lemurs: the various excursions

Although it is impossible to get bored staying on the island, in any case there is no shortage of ideas for excursions. The surroundings are full of surprises, above and below the sea. And if underwater, thanks to diving organized by the qualified diving center, you can meet them dolphins, turtles And tropical fish – from August to October also the whales, engaged in courting – on the mainland one indulges in another way. On the desert island of Ankarea, kingdom of majestic baobabs, you can enjoy a picnic. On the island of Nosy Kombainstead, he socializes with nice people lemurs and surprising chameleons. To watch over the guests, on the horizon, i Four brothers, volcanic stacks linked to ancient legends. With the fish eagles to line the sky with their flight, while the air is colored, at sunset, with fiery shades.

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