“Luis Miguel wanted to go out with me and I rejected him” actress uncovers

Luis Miguel has been the heartthrob of all time and several years ago, many women wanted to be with him, however, some had the luxury of rejecting him, a well-known actress uncovers the reasons why she did not want to go out with the acclaimed “Sun of Mexico“.

Although it may seem hard to believe, in the long list of achievements of the singer Luis Miguel, born on April 19, 1970, there would be one or another famous that escaped from his hands, it was the case of Yolanda Venturawho after several years confesses:

Luis Miguel wanted to go out with me but I rejected him, I didn’t even give him a little kiss for the curriculum, the native of Barcelona shared between jokes, who has appeared in various television productions in Mexico.

The former group member “Parcheesi“She would leave everyone frozen after confessing that she would also be in the sights of the famous 52-year-old today, who apparently would try to conquer her, however, there was a detail that prevented her.

The actress and singerwho shares dual nationality, Spanish/Mexican, shares the reasons that led to refusing to go out with the interpreter of “When the sun heats“, one of the greatest exponents of musical genres and the “best-selling Latin artist of the 90s.”

Although he was a very handsome boy, he was younger than her, the star himself would point out who would surpass Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri with only one year, currently the one born in Barcelona is 53 years old.

At that time, Yolanda’s beginnings will go back to her participation in the Spanish children’s group Parchís, who thanks to their music and dances quickly catapulted to fame and that today remains in the memories of an entire generation.

The one born on October 21, 1968, appeared as the yellow card in the famous musical group and who through the “Confessions” program would portray her memories and detailed how her encounter with “LuisMi“.

By then, the star and the musical team were already a phenomenon and traveled to various parts of the world, it was on one of these tours of the United States that coincided with the “born in San Juan, Puerto Rico”.

Luis Miguel, who was starting his career at the time, would not miss the opportunity to ask her out after their paths crossed in the United States, however, she did not accept today “discographic producer“.

We were lucky enough to meet during a tour of the United States and there I met ‘Sun’, who invited me out but I did not accept because he seemed too small for me, said Ventura.

The also wife of Odiseo Bichir, with whom he married in 2017 in the middle of a ceremonial rite in Tepoztlán, added that “at that age the age difference is very noticeable.”

At that time we were teenagers and I was a couple of years older than him, and at that age it shows a lot and I saw him as very handsome and with very pretty eyes, but very small for me.

Since then, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri already had a school in conquering women and it is enough to remember the story he had with Lucía Méndez who was a few years older than the “ex of Aracey Arámbula”, in addition to some other names that circulate in Gallego’s life Basteri.

However, despite the fact that she invited Yolanda to a gallant invitation, the then singer, who she assures at that time liked “Los Chamos”, did not accept the “star king”.

When he invited me to dinner with him I did not accept, the interpreter recalled.

The actress of several melodramas such as “Corazón Salvaje” among others, assures “having repented later”, she joked about it, her anecdote would have been another if she had said yes, she pointed out.

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